How to give EMET deeper gameplay mechanics, wider tactic options and make him most probably the hardest medic ever


Third time’s a charm, I hope. What I can’t fathom is why on earth his healing buoys don’t stack.
They could provide such an excellent tactical depth that it’s almost a
crime they didn’t allow this! And it even wouldn’t be OP!

Changes I suggest:

  • placing buoys closer increases their healing capabilities (faster passive healing and bigger healing field capacity)
  • placing buoys closer reduces their range
  • at very close proximity passive healing and self healing is canceled

This changes insures that:

  • player can achieve greater healing in dire need of it
  • but at the cost of a lot smaller healing area, forcing teammates to gather closer, limiting their fighting possibilities and need to break of pursuing monster, not mention it couldn’t be sustainable for more than just few seconds and hard to pull it off
  • monster will have a lot easier job to destroy both buoys AND to hurt hunters, because hunters would be in one small area and EMET would have to reposition the buoys again, which takes time (no healing for
    seconds) and with skilled monster he might not even be able to do it (no healing at all) and he would be very tempting target (no self healing)

"The Macropatch" - Micro Patch Discussion [4/29/2016]
No one likes Emet?

Cause people will just spam the buoys to outheal the monster. It`s not like Markovs mines or Buckets sentires, that have to get close to gain reward. Atm Emet is forced to spread them to max. his AOE.


[quote=“schmogmog, post:2, topic:80108, full:true”]
Cause people will just spam the buoys to outheal the monster.[/quote]




His healing is awesome right now. If you increase it you’re asking for OP status.


He has 30 HPS. Buffing it is not putting it into OP status.

Don’t exaggerate.

That being said I really don’t know if he needs this much of a buff.


I land over 30k in heals a round


Don’t we already have a Emet thread, or is that not the same thing? @Buckets_Sentry_Gun


This is a suggestion for Emet :smile:


This one is different. This is a direct suggestion.


Damn you ninja!


Did you read the whole post, or stopped reading after healing buff?


I just don’t think he needs any changes. I like the challenge of playing him.


Congrats? Post match stats are truly meaningless. I once got 50k healing in a round with original, super weak Val. Doesn’t mean her healing was OP, just means the round was pointlessly drawn out with a bad monster.

Not trying to demean you, just pointing out how postgame stats are pointless for measuring worth.


Ok…:: and my opinion still stands. He can state his.


That may seem higher compared to other Medics but that’s because the heal bursts from the buoys count as heal buoy heals, where as all other medic heal bursts are not included.


I understand that. I just find his heals to be awesome. But again this is my opinion.


her healing was honestly always good, didnt need the buff it got imo. maybe a smaller boost but not what she is now.

however you are riggt post game stats just show how drawn out the game was, similar could be that you only get 50 healing (not 50k) just because the monster got crushed and you never needed to heal. 2 opposite ends of the spectrum examples


In practice, he is much weaker than the likes of Val, or even a good Caira. They can heal as much as they want with small reload times. If his buoys get destroyed then thats +2 seconds of no healing.


Val’s healing was not always good. Originally, before the first of her buffs, it was PITIFUL.

Before the recent buff that made her “OP”, it was fine. Before that, absolutely not.


it wasnt always 100hps? well ill be damned. i know now its 110hps which is a bit much but everyones adjusted to it now i suppose but the 100hps was good to me.

im a big laz player anyway so it matters less to me i guess.

as far as the OP here was saying, it sounds a bit hard to grasp. like you explained it well but having to have the hunters position differently depending on how much they want to get healed and then there being dead zones too doesnt sound good to play with. its just a bit too much on top of a tricky character to be able to use well i think