How to get PokemonGO iOS


Easy to do simple steps…

Step 1.) turn on PC
Step 2.) go to the apple website
Step 3.) Make an Apple ID change location to Australia
Step 4.) check an “none” for bank info
Step 5.) look up Austrlian locations like Pizza places or McDonald’s and use that to fill out the “review” for Apple Store
Step 6.) download and be cool like Owl

Note: temp solution till it comes out on the USA/Canada or UK because you might eventually want to buy in game items.


I here its murder on the battery.


Of course it’s how they’ll convince people to spend 35$ for the watch, which I will buy being a huge Pokemon Fan.


My wifes phone isn’t compatible… :confused:
However I have a phone upgrade coming. How do I know which phone is compatible?


I currently have iPhone 6 version 9.3.2 dunno if that’s the requirement


Thats correct. Not developed properly for battery efficiency