How to get my alpha code (walmart)


How would I receive my alpha code if I ordered the game from Walmart, I still haven’t gotten it and I am getting a little worried since I know I pre ordered it on time to get in for sure. Please help, thanks!


Walmart is listed as a participating retailer. @nfashfield133, have you tried contacting Walmart customer service? What platform are you on? If it’s PC, you can probably get a code from Curse (it’s super easy). If you’re on console, @SlabOMeat might be able to help you out.


I know for a fact that Walmart is a participating retailer, and what is curse exactly? I just need to know if I will be getting an email from Walmart tomorrow or what. It is on pc so I should be getting a physical copy around the time the games actually released. I just need to be assured I am getting my alpha code, so how do I use curse exactly? @tommy290


It said when I was buying the game and I looked on the website that I would be assured access if I pre ordered from a Walmart retailer. @Boomboxer23


That link will tell you everything you need to know.
Basically, you download Curse Voice and you can recieve a code through the program.


Thanks @xdflames!

@nfashfield133, Curse is a chat program. It’s completely free and took me like 2 minutes to install. Once it’s installed, the main program has a giant button on it to get a Big Alpha code. Then just use the code like normal and make sure you put in the referral code of Curse4v1. You don’t have to actually use Curse, just install it. Easy peasy!


My bad sorry I just didn’t remember seeing it.


No problem at all, thanks everyone! I really appreciate it a lot.