How to get good with wraith?

I really like wraith and too me she looks like the most unique and most strategic monster to play as, I am already decent but not brilliant at her. But would anyone share there preferences for moves to put points into?

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Practice heavy combos: Try to keep a hunter stunlocked using only air attacks and heavy attacks as long as you can.

In a real game you would use abduct or wb to keep the chain going when the hunter breaks away, but it will really help your game to learn to do this without abilities to the best of your… ability.


Ok man thanks for the info will definitely try this :smile:

Like bobby said lern to Cain heavy comp.

ahh thats simple. get warp blast lv 3 and just spam the fuck out of it.
since the ability has such a big range and its basicly almost instant leapsmash and does a ridicilous amount of dmg it become his/ her main ability.
Just spam it whenever you have that availible and thats how you play wraith these days.

@Rapterran mains Wraith I believe. He may be able to share some tips.

At the risk of sounding like a know-it-all douchebag, if you’re just starting out Wraith can be a lot more complicated than “l2chain”. Let’s take this bit by bit, please not this is all subjective and is MY OPINION on all of these things and this is coming from someone who plays very aggressively when the fight starts. In the interest of catering to everyone with this I’m going to start with the basics and go from there.

1: The Wraith. She’s a glass cannon sprinter at heart, less so than she used to be but she still supports that playstyle. You have more armor than you used to at the higher stages but still not enough that you can afford to absorb damage you COULD be dodging. My goal in any given fight is to figure out who needs to die first (very comp and situationally dependent) and beat them into the dirt asap. Your skills are going to support you in doing that, so let’s take a look.

2: Warp Blast. This is her simplest ability and the one I end up doing the most damage with over the course of a given match. It’s quite point and shoot but there are a few intricacies with it. The main thing I wish I’d known at day 1 was you can manually detonate it where you are by pressing the button again if you’re going for the splash damage. I do that all the time if a hunter is desperately fleeing to the top of a cliff, it beats them there and they’re moving TOWARDS the explosion which makes it tricky (and costly) to dodge. You can use that well against hunters (especially Val players, I notice) who like to just boost straight up and hover, they often don’t expect it.

It’s slower than it used to be and the blast takes a little longer than I’d like, so it really can be a skill shot especially if they’re in the air either fleeing or because you just bitch-slapped them. It depends on the situation, but leading the target generally gives you a better shot at hitting. It does have an ok blast radius though, so if they’ve bunched up they haven’t given you a good reason not to (orbital etc.) you can try for a multi-hit. I won a game with a triple down on a single blast last night, it was glorious.

3: Abduction. This one gets some attention for being a broken, buggy mess, but @Insane_521 has said it’s getting some love with the next title update so we’ll have to see what it feels like then. It’s more situational than warp blast but it’s still pretty straightforward, and it has a lot of uses. It’s fantastic for bringing back that pesky medic or support who just boosted off a cliff or got a Sunny boost across the room. It does some damage too, but the main damage from it comes at the end of the fairly long animation which can give Hank / Sunny drone a chance to shield the snack.

I’m still not 100% sure how the hit detection is intended to work, I’ve heard it said it goes by the state of things when the animation starts and the hunter is supposed to be hit if he’s within the reticle but I’m not convinced. That could just be me being off with my aim, lag etc. One thing’s for certain though, aim ABOVE the hunter, by nearly as high as they are tall, ESPECIALLY if they’re on a ledge above your level or you might just hit the ledge and flail around. I’ve had too many fights start that way: a main ability on cooldown, them knowing where I am and having plenty of time to shoot while I waste my other traversals to get over to them.

My main use of Abduction is to negate the work my focused hunter’s jetpack just did, especially if they used it to go up a cliff. It doesn’t place them the way I’d like, it’s more like a very short tether to you while you fly back rather than them being in a particular spot in your grip so they’ll still be in the direction they were when you grabbed them - if they were above you they’ll be released above your head and you might need a warp to get above them for the spike.

4: Decoy. Hoo boy, I feel like there’s been more bitching about Decoy than there has on Laz, and that’s something. You’ll hear plenty of people bitch and moan about it being a useless ability but I don’t think that’s true, it has its uses. First off: the AI is horrible so don’t bank on it doing any damage, if it does then it’s a bonus. Second: because of the balance issues with it early on TRS put a .5 second reveal on it whenever you take even chip damage, so it’s near useless if you pop it in full view with raining bullets.

That said, it can be a fantastic ability for killing a bit of time: If you got domed at S1 and you don’t want to engage you can pop it and let it distract them for a bit; if you just downed a hunter and you want them to STAY down you can pop it and let IT rattlesnake over the body for a while as you sit behind some cover and track their silhouettes until one of them gets near (then it’s Warp Blast central baby); if you just finished an engagement and you want a bit of breathing space you can pop it (potentially with Supernova first, I like to call it the Derpnova) and let it run past and harry them for a second or two - you move slower while it’s out but you leave no prints so it’s functionally the same as sneaking.

The real trick with Decoy is denying them a good view of YOU while the decoy moves away from you, generally that’s achieved by breaking LOS but you can sometimes use the decoy itself (again, possibly the Derpnova) - if you pop it while in a doorway / archway / cave and you juke behind a wall asap the decoy is between you and all of the Hunters blocking their vision.

5: Supernova. Pretty simple, fantastic if you can get a hunter pinned in a crack and go to town, or separate a hunter from the rest in a small doorway and supernova right in their way. It removes the knockback from your attacks which lets you land a boatload of them very quickly and do some serious damage, but that also gives the hunter complete control over their own movements (no heavies, zomg). Use it at your own discretion, but try and use it when you’re well positioned to go feral on someone important and get a lot of use out of it.

6: Traversal. Your traversal ability is quick, short and the easiest to aim of all of them. It’s not great for making distance between you and the hunters, but in a scrap I wouldn’t trade it for anything for one huge reason: it alters your attack rotation. Normally (if I’m remembering correctly) your attacks against Hunters go Heavy > Light > Light > Light > Heavy, but if you just used a traversal that rotation is reset, so you can go Heavy > Warp > Heavy > Warp > Heavy > Warp. The other thing to remember is that the warps can take you off the ground, and your air attacks are big heavy downward spikes (great for bringing a hunter off a cliff, if they’re trying to run). That means, if your aim is good and they don’t find a way out of it you can go Heavy > Warp > Air > Heavy etc. I’m not great at it, but the option is there. When you put your Warp Blast and Abducts in there too as required you can keep a hunter on the defensive for quite a while and you’re moving for most of it so the rest are having to move with you, potentially away from deployables like sentries or the shield drone.

One of the best things you can do when getting to grips with the traversal is figure out how high you can get with a single warp, you can get to the top of smaller cliffs in a single one and bigger cliffs with a double. That can be a godsend when chasing Hunters who love to run up and down cliffs to flee, but Wraith is a very dainty, floaty little thing so it takes her a while to fall anywhere, which makes it tricky on certain cliffs which are too high for a single but shorter than a double, which means your follow-up spike is likely to miss on certain ones unless you either angle the double or single and climb the rest.

Overall the Warp is a fantastic ability and I wouldn’t trade the Traversal Stamina perk for anything (except maybe immunity to Daisy, stupid fat FBI psychic pig). It helps you keep on top of hunters, get where you need to be and keep your heavy attacks coming when you need them. Remember, wraith’s defense comes from being constantly on the move.

7: My build and strategy. This is the build I like to use, so you can get a better idea of where I’m coming from and, if the mood strikes, try something potentially a bit different.
DISCLAIMER: I make no claims this is the only way to play Wraith, or even the best way. This is just how I do it.

Perk: Traversal Stamina
Stage WB|Ab|Dc|Sn
Stage 1:1|0|1|1
Stage 2:2|1|1|2
Stage 3:3|2|1|3

I consider versatility to be king here, so I don’t subscribe to the stage 1 3WB method. I start sneaking right from the beginning (unless Daisy is in the mix in which case there’s no point, just be fast then be stage 2) and try to eat up as quickly and quietly as possible, I try and avoid 1-bar food and gorge myself on Mammoth Birds as much as possible, especially since their buff is my favourite (3 bars AND a big cooldown reduction, oh Alby you so fine…). Every now and then you’ll RNGsus and get no carrion until you stage up, but if you play careful they could be on the other side of the map by the time the bastards give away your position. By the time they get there either you’re stage 2 with full armor and in a good spot to fight OR you’re in another corner of the map with no tracks for them to follow.

It doesn’t always work out that way, but Stage 2 is where I do most of my fighting. If I have room to work I generally armor up, see if there are any nearby perks I want then let them see me eating something and book it to my favourite spot to fight on that map, generally someplace cramped with few long sight lines so the range on their guns isn’t such a factor. Most maps have somewhere decent like this, the little tunnels on Aviary are my gold standard since either: the assault runs in ahead of everyone and gets pounced, which then inevitably wastes their shield and forces at least one more of them in to shoot you off; OR they all push and shove their way in at once and the warp blast > supernova combo grinds them into indignant paste. Either way, you’ve started the fight off well even when they inevitably shit themselves and run back out the other way - you did some damage and they might be off their guard, plus now the medic has something to heal instead of covering you with weak spots, defensive supports are scrambling to get their shields going instead of orbitaling / boosting and Bucket won’t already have a fleet of f*cking sentry guns on the ground.

I always prefer to fight at stage 2, since that surprise engagement in a cramped space is SO much more advantageous than any given relay fight (except perhaps Orbital Drill / Refuelling tower if the team are bad and run inside). I do hit stage 3 in certain circumstances, if the S2 fight has just happened and one of them bottled it and ran I often just stage up and get ready for the next round - I’ll be bigger with better skills, they’ll be weaker and likely out of position, and if I have time to spare I can go hunting after all and potentially get the last one down before / as the dropship arrives which means it’s 3 hunters with at least 1 down against me at stage 3 with full armor.

8: General tips.

-Wraith is NOT tanky, don’t play her like she is, try and avoid any damage you can (especially if it comes from Russian cyborgs with chips on their shoulder)
-If you find a hunter separated from their team, like a bucket who was too dumb to sentry himself while UAVing, you can try for an easy down but don’t overcommit. If they spot you and dodge the pounce consider making (proverbial) tracks and shitposting about them on the forums later, rather than getting domed and killed and shitposting about the entire team.
-I don’t like bullet points, dashes are swanky and fun.
-Try and be aware of the important members of their team at any given moment. Assaults are generally the last or second last on my hit list (after I make them pop their shield) but there are no medics or supports you can afford to just ignore (except maybe Cabot, dude needs some love stat). Try and keep track of them as best you can, and ALWAYS keep an eye on any hunter you down so they can’t just run up and revive - anyone who goes for a revive against me is getting a warp blast to the face, especially since that also speeds up the outright death.
-Learn what will and won’t show up on the trappers’ mechanics - Griffin’s spikes will proc on anything that would scare birds, Jack’s satellite will highlight monster footprints while Gobi won’t, etc.
-Think about who needs to die first, then when you commit commit HARD and get them down asap.
-Don’t forget about Daisy in all the confusion, she can really move that fat carcass when she wants to and having a hunter back on their feet when you thought they were down for the count (especially the assaults who probably have their shield again) can lose you the game.
-Pounce is your friend, learn to love it and learn who it probably isn’t going to work properly on - Hyde and Markov hit you so fast it can cancel out the whole thing, Markov’s mines will break it when the arming delay finishes, Torvald’s mortars can break it if he gets a good shot before the pounce (I’ve had it happen, isn’t fun) and if you somehow manage to grab Lennox mid-leap it’s going to break (but kudos). Also remember you can manually cancel a pounce with the sneak button if you need to, I’ve lost matches because I didn’t know that and had to watch Daisy revive the assault.
-Wraith is love, Wraith is life, pick a god and pray, puny humans.


Is super nova any good now I remember when thy cut the duration by 50% since then I’ve haven’t used it not once have they buffed it since ?

Bruh :smile: you are an absolute legend, thanks for spending your time typing all that :smiley: I’m definitely gonna use your advice

No worries, hopefully it does some good for some people who need a bit of advice. As I said it’s just my opinions so your mileage may vary on any given part of it. Best of luck!

Supernova, imo, is still worth using IF you can get a position where A) you can cleave the crap out of a few of them at once and do the MLG pro deeps or B) you can get a hunter in a position where they can’t easily just loljump out of it

just remember chaining heavy attacks is more dps then supernova

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I’ve heard ppl suggest more than 1 point in abduction is a waste–why would they think that/why do you like putting 2 pts into it (vs just 1 or 3)?

Each point in abduction reduces the cooldown by 1 second, which is really nice.

The cooldown comes down a bit and I feel like decoy 2 just isn’t worth it

Mm! Okay, cool. There’s a whole forum post on the merits of abduction beyond two points that I just saw and am reading. People be debatin.

3 in WB and Sn are pretty much a given, so it comes down to how you put in the other 3 points. The thing about Wraith is it isn’t about using your abilities on cooldown to get MLG pro leet deeps, it’s about seeing an opportunity to use your abilities properly - intercepting a hunter at the top of a cliff with Warp Blast is a fantastic use of the ability but just potshotting it while they’re running around on the flat isn’t a great plan unless they’re about to drop and you want to secure the strike. I feel like Decoy is useful but it’s so situational that the benefits of the second point just aren’t worth it. The second point in Abduction can OCCASIONALLY mean the difference between landing your main control skill properly or seeing the chance slip by.

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I should clarify I’m not trying to say other monsters are all about using everything on cooldown, they all need you to use the skills as the situation demands, just some rely on the cooldowns a little more - Behemoth is often very focused on comboing your abilities for example.

You can also try 3 WB and 3 Abduct. Use heavy melee chains inbetween, 3 in abduct makes that even easier. The burst is amazing, if someone is running alone, you down him in about 5 seconds.

I’m really not a fan of throwing everything into a single skill / maxing 2 at 2. It’s just my preference, I like the versatility. Right now everyone is just spamming Val / Hank / Jack / Assault which is really tanky and anti-fun anti-burst, god forbid anyone actually take damage in our competitive pvp game. Except the monster, got to find something to do with those satellites and orbital cannons, otherwise we’d just feel silly spending all that money.

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