How to get better as Monster


Firstly, I love the game.

But sometimes not necessarily when I’m taxed to played the Monster…

Basically, I’ve lost all my games as Goliath (my only monster so far), and every match ended in 2-5 minutes with me in stage 2.

Though yesterday I played a 23 minute match at stage 3 and the hunters stood no chance at all, like I killed them five times over…Every time they came back too. I even ate their bodies

Long story short I ended up dying from a low heath Hyde who kept backing up…

I’m not that good as the monster as I am with the hunters, and I just needs some advice.



I’d start with advising you to practice against the AI. They’re pretty good to cut your teeth on and they can chain some abilities together nicely and you learn how to move and counter them… They’re not so good at tracking you though, for that you’ll need some guides on moving and practice against real hunters.


If your looking for teaching tools turtlerock did a youtube series explaining a lot of aspects of monster play which is great for picking up a few useful things you might have missed, I would also recommend watching sacriel from time to time, he’s considered one of if not the top wraith player right now and he streams evolve almost religiously, hopefully these will help some