How to get all the steam trading cards ( problem solve )

Ok, is been a while since I write in here. Before starting I want to thx everyone who help me last time. Anyway, it is possible to get Evolve steam cards in legacy or you can only get them in stage 2 ?

Apart from that, if could tell me how to get them, becouse when I used to get them it was without knowledge.

I appreciate any comment and like allways sorry for any grammatical mistakes, I dont usually write in english that often.

The Steam Cards for Evolve are obtainable from the Steam market, just like all Steam cards from all other games.

There’s no restriction on which version of the game is needed to get these cards, but if you want to finish your collection of cards, you’ll need to buy them from people who sell them (it’s usually around 0,05€ per card).

When you finish your collection of cards, you earn a badge that you can use on your Steam profile, the badge has 5 levels which determines how many times you’ve completed a collection of the same cards.

And because it has 5 levels, you’ll need to collect the same collection of cards 5 times to get the 5th level of the badge.

If you take my profile as an example, you can see that I have a level 5 badge (in the blue square) showing that it earned me 500 experience, experience that is used to increase the level of my profile. Experience on Steam is another story though.

You can also see that I have earned other badges than the Evolve one I have (in the red square).

I’d like to ask also…


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Anyway, so what are your plans for these Steam cards now?

Just having them, I did it yesterday
I dont know why, but I really wanted to have them