How to generate game.log

To pin down rare issues, we sometimes need your game.log to tell us what was happening when your problem occurred. Please follow this step-by-step guide to be able to get your game.log populated with useful data.

First, go into your Evolve Stage 2 game folder. You can do this by going into your Steam library, right clicking on Evolve Stage 2, and selecting ‘Properties’, the ‘Local Files’ Tab, and the ‘Browse Local Files’ button.


After you’re in the folder, right click anywhere in the folder and create a New Text Document.

Open the new text document you just created and type this in:
log_enabled 1
Save the document.

Now, rename the file you just created into this:
This should give you a warning message because you are changing the file type. To do this properly, you will need to have file name extensions displayed (extensions show the type of file the item is, such as .txt or .exe, etc). If you do not see extensions, you will need to enable them on your computer. On Windows 10, you can go to the View tab at the top menu bar and “File Name Extensions” will be listed there.

After this, launch the game and a Game.log will be generated in this same folder for you to give to the devs!
After getting the file, you should remove the user.cfg file from your folder because you might see some performance issues as it’s logging all the data.