How to fix Val once and for all


In my experience(and apparently many others) Val presents a problem. Though there is some disagreement about what exactly the problem is, I believe I have identified it as well as two possible solutions. The problem is that she has 3 “skills” which all require active time to properly utilize(Laz and Caira BARELY have 2 since napalm grenade and laz device hardly require any actual active equip time) , she isn’t actually that good at keeping the team alive without a perfect team comp of skilled players and her “theme” is completely muddled.

A medic cannot possibly be expected to heal properly with a sub-par, single-target med gun that requires significant equip time when there are two other weapons screaming to be used constantly. While she is a Medic, she just doesn’t play the role well. Val’s med gun just doesn’t stand out in any truly special or interesting way and it seems that people primarily pick her for the tranq dart and to pair Sniper with hunters like Parnell for big damage boosts. Med gun does almost the exact same thing as healing grenade launcher except it’s worse in almost every way.

Val only works with the right team comp of skilled players on a lvl 1-2 monster. Anything else and she’s at a tremendous disadvantage. She’s just not that good at anything. Luckily, I think I have two legitimate solutions to this problem.

Solution #1

Increase medgun heal rate by about 80% with a clip size of about 5 seconds and a reload speed of about 8-10 seconds. What this change would do is make her the Medic she is supposed to be; a terrific single-target burst healer at range. Every medic needs a theme and Val’s tool kit will only work properly as a single-target burst healer. You cannot be expected to channel med gun constantly in order to barely keep up with monster damage even with perfect positioning when there are two other weapons you need to be using every few seconds.

Using med gun as a burst heal with a small clip will give her the opportunities she needs to utilize her sniper and tranq guns without worrying that her entire team is about to die before she gets off more than a couple shots with either.

Solution #2

I prefer solution #2 because it forces more enjoyable strategic decision making and gives Val 2 active equipped skills instead of 3.

First things first, buff Med Gun heal rate by about 15-25%(it’s still too low no matter how you look at it).

Remove Val’s Sniper Rifle.

Replace Val’s Sniper Rifle with new skill, “Enhance Systems”.

Enhance Systems - 25 second cooldown: Activate Enhance Systems to empower your skills for the next 6 seconds.


  • Med gun: Med gun heal and drain rate increased by 80%
  • Heal Burst: Heal Burst heal amount and radius increased by 40%
  • Tranq Gun: Tranq Gun shots place a weak spot on the monster

So that’s it. This solution would make Val a fully capable burst healer with a heavy focus on timing and a MUCH more fluent style of play. If I’m going to be honest, the chance of any of these changes making it into the game are probably about 0.0001%. Regardless, that’s my 2 cents and I can always be hopeful.


Val is fine. I’m fine with the balance of every character in the game at the moment.


Val is fine right now. How she is. She’s built to slow down and place a weakspot on the monster, then heal allies. Her weakspots last long enough to heal an ally to full.

She isn’t a burst healing hunter, you seem like you want her to be. She’s more a utility medic. Her healing is strong enough to keep a hunter alive until she can heal burst them


Maybe read the post first. No one appreciates effortless statements from people who clearly didn’t even bother to to support said statement or read the counter argument.


I have no problem with Val being a utility medic… You’re wrong to say that her healing is strong enough to keep anything alive. It’s several times weaker than Caira’s healing ability and that just won’t cut it against anything but the most sub par monster players.


She heals more than Caira on single target. This is a fact.


You’re wrong to say her heal beam isnt enough to keep anyone alive. This is why your teammates need to understand how to avoid the monster. Once it’s tranquilized, the monster is forced to use traversals to catch up to a hunter using their jetpack bursts or give up and use abilities or move to another hunter.

Again, you want Val to be a burst heal hunter, she isn’t. She relies on her allies to run away and take advantage of the monster being tranquilized.

Her beam can sustain stage 3 goliath basic attacks, heal a 1 strike hunter to full after a rank-3 rock throw, or keep a hunter at full during a rank 2 supernova.

The reason she uses a beam is to SUSTAIN a hunter. If her ally or allies are taking big hits or she doesn’t have time to heal them all up individually, she jumps in, HEAL BURSTS, then jumps out to tranq the monster again.


Here we go, Val is not Caira and she never will be, she requires a different skill set than other medics.Val is not being used to her full potential when you team is soaking up damage and getting owned by wildlife, this makes her have to take time out to heal when she should be using her entire kit. teams ruin val not the other way around, her previous problem was that she could not even out heal auto attacks coupled with the fact that she could not keep herself alive made her a rough pick but now she can keep someone healed if they know how to dodge.

The proper usage of Val is as followed:

Early game split with assault once someone finds the monster you and trapper pince and tranq the monster all the way to the trapper.

In the dome you find a perch tell your team where you are and to be aware of your medics Los to not get cornered out of healing range. Now if your team can actually avoid a skill shot or two than you can put tranqs and weakspots making the monster die quicker.

If focused turn around and tranq the monster, do not just run, tranq and run, put air jordans on and commence the jukes right into your team to rack up the damage and turn around because you cannot see a rock coming if your back is turned.

when the dome drops keep the tranqs flowing and buy your trapper dome recharge time and if you have a Cabot utilize their synergy

In short if your team cant dodge your only using a third and maybe two thirds if your lucky but never the whole kit.


That is WAY too long.


Actually, they’re almost identical. Check your facts. One important thing you’re forgetting though, Caira never has to recharge her healing “weapon”, while Val does. Reload time is almost insignificant and rarely means the difference between life and death.


Sorry sir, but you are the one who is wrong. Every single monster has ways of dealing tremendous damage from a distance. When that option isn’t available, one or two traversal charges is more than enough to catch up to anyone. What kind of monsters are you playing against anyway? I’ve never seen a good monster slow down their onslaught more than a little bit while tranq’d or stasis grenaded.


Yeah… I don’t want her to be. Read the post first.


yes you want to make her burst heal and then have a lengthy cooldown on healing and changing the tranq gun and removing her sniper gives her no damaging abilities, so I will pass on those changes.


And this is where heal burst comes in as well as your assault. You have to understand if your team isn’t punishing the monster for anything it does, your team is bad. While they are wailing on the trapper or support, the assault is in their face while you sit there and heal burst / heal beam them until they go down or the monster leaves because the punishment is too great.

Also, the goliath and kraken’s big damage requires a LoS, which hunters should be able to prevent and abuse given most combat areas. Wasting traversals to catch up or gain back their LoS allows for the assault to dish out more damage without worrying about them moving away for a good 5 seconds. If you say Kraken flies forever, I’m gonna say tranq and trapper prevent this.

When a monster is slowed down, they get punished much harder for their actions by the assault. So unless they want to face the assault and get him out of the way for a bit, they are going to try and distance themselves and regain the ground advantage.


Val is fine as is though change 1 sound like a lot of fun and would really let her use her kit.


Val is significantly better than she was before, and is no longer me laughing at the loadout screen at a free win… but she’s no Caira, that’s for sure. If you can save your traversals to keep away from tranqs outside of domes, Val is still pure garbage compared to Caira. But maybe that says more about Caira than it does about Val. Caira’s just fucking bonkers.


Parnell’s super soldier is boring, don’t add the same mechanic to another hunter.

Val has 60m instant healing, unlimited range sniper and tranq. The trapper needs to be more organised in doming where Val has that range. She doesn’t encourage scrimmage play like Caira who chases fast and heals in an area. You tranq the monster, giving the trapper the speed advantage to dome where its most favourable to the hunters. You play a positioning game with the monster in the dome.

If a hunter is being focused they’re likely flying all over the place, midair or tumbling around. Caira cannot heal midair hunters, and you need to be very accurate to hit all grenades on a hunter being thrown about by a monster. In that regard Val can have more reliable healing than Caira.

Each medic encourages different play styles due to their strengths and weaknesses, just like all the other hunters encourages different playstyles. If you are struggling with Val adjust how you engage as a team, granted thats difficult with randoms in a pub match.


When someone asks for the devs to remove something from the game.


Well they’re removing the sound of the dome being set up for Monster so they can’t hear it, so…yeah.


I’m talking about serious things,like a weapon or character. Somebody actually suggested they remove Cabot.