How to fix the spore clouds?



Give us first-person and you can cloud spam all you want.

Alright, I’m done arguing with you if that’s your attitude.

Congratulations on your wonderful supervision then.


What. You realize how godawful playing monster in first person would be? There was a whole video dedicated to the topic but I cba to dig it up.

@MidnightRoses will take care of it im sure.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Toggling between first-person and third would make the Monsters insanely deadly. Especially for anyone who has played Battlefield vehicles.

It seems like you really don’t play monster and just said that to validate your previous statement about Slim’s Spore Cloud not being a problem.

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Really man? Someone criticizes the spore launcher and you choose to insult all monster players? Come on dude, these forums are supposed to be mature.

Where in there do you see me saying that all monster players are like that? I only said that people who whine about the spore cloud.

And to be even more specific the people who cant handle having the highlight around hunter bodies being removed.

Sure either the Maps need to be made slightly lighter OR the hunters be slightly more colourful in comparison to the background.

Saying that Spore Clouds have to be removed entirely because the Highlight around a hunters body and their healthbars vanish is just stupid imo.

However if you asked to make the Hunters slightly more colourful to compensate for people who either have colour blindess OR terrible monitors could be something that could be done.

I just have to say this.

I read above saying good monsters have no problem dealing with it?Whoever wrote it, is wrong.Any kind of monster has trouble with the spore launcher especially while Slim being on capable hands

As for the topic i won’t take part since i’m neither a slim nor a monster player :stuck_out_tongue:
I just know from our monster that Spore-launcher=win games (But i’ll say again in the hands of good Slim players)


Okay my bad about the “all monster players” bit, and thanks for saying “imo” this time. I do think you were a little too hostile in your wording earlier. I actually don’t think the spore launcher should be removed, from my perspective the hunters are pretty easy to see. Hitting them however is an entire different story since I main Behemoth :stuck_out_tongue: unless they’re up-close that is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The only issue I have is that the spores themselves are rather intrusive, I would rather they disappear faster, and get out of the way rather then adding to the blurry mess that you have to find a hunter through.

I would make the spores disappear after .5 seconds, and instead have a very slightly tinted translucent sphere, rather than a bunch of opaque blotches floating around and stacking from several spores.

It is easy enough to see through a single cloud, but as soon as you start stacking 2 or 3 clouds they start blocking your normal view from the unnecessary number of yellow blotches on the screen.


I really don’t feel like spore cloud is strong against the low level or high level. I really feel like it’s strong against people with a certain type of vision. I know that @MaddCow is one of those people, and one of the only times I’ve ever been able to beat him was while he was playing Behemoth against a Slim that did nothing but spore cloud the entire time (and I think he was taking it easy on us). It’s not that it’s that strong or weak, it’s just that some people naturally have the vision to be able to see through screen effects and some can’t.

You can learn to compensate for it, but it’s like learning to compensate for being color blind or being in a wheel chair. Possible but it’s always going to kinda suck.

This ^

As a Behemoth main, I find it a pain in the ass when I’m stage 2-3 and hunters are surrounded by the yellow blotches and I can’t find them! Not because I can’t see the outlines, it’s because I can’t see them!

It’s hard enough finding the pea-sized hunters without any sort of outline as a stage 3 Bob, let alone having them surrounded by thousands of fireflies from the spore-launcher!

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If the Spore Gun had a long cooldown, at least as long as Hyde’s nades, but was far more effective, that’d be perfect.

At the very least remove the particle effects.


I played a tier 4 battle with bots and It was so hard I was just swinging at a wall thinking I had a hunter cornered

Behemoth is destroyed by Spore Cloud.

Oh lord, who said that one? :stuck_out_tongue:

If memory serves I believe it was Deanimate.