How to fix the spore clouds?

Considering that the devs felt invisibility/screen interruption was a bad mechanic, let’s agree that some changes should be made. What should those changes be?

Personally I think the spore cloud should be used something like Cloak, a short term defense to help an injured Hunter escape danger. And not for permanent invisibility/annoyance to the Monsters.

Perhaps increasing its range while increasing its cooldown would be a fair change.

Keep in mind that interruptions to aiming are some of the worst mechanics to introduce in FPS games. The only thing worse that I know of is the suppression mechanic in Battlefield which interrupts your screen and causes bullet deviation.

Should there be bullet deviation for the Monster hitting and making the ground shake? No. And the Hunters shouldn’t have mechanics which interrupt with people’s screens. It’s only fair, so please come up with a fix.


Yes please. They scrapped a very similar monster ability because it wasn’t fun for hunters…


Yeah, I find it so disorienting to lose my sense of smell like that. Not being able to see which hunter you’re attacking, and what health the hunter is on really sucks :L
I’ve sorta gotten used to the fact that Slim means no smell now (unless you’re kraken)
I fear now the weapon is in the game, it’ll be hard to drastically change
Would be in favour of larger range, but longer cool down. Sorta like Hyde’s grenades

The fact that Slim has problems keeping teammates alive/himself alive when focused/los’d along with the fact that the Spore Cloud can be completely ignored by competent monsters makes me feel like no change is needed.

The only change I would care about is to help Colour blind people see even though the cloud is being used. (aka make the green spore in to some different coloration)


Rainbow Spore?

Another idea would be to give Slim a Mammoth Bird Nut Can.

Oh, you thought you were going to trade peanuts for shields? Well, now you’re blinded and lost two bars of health, and probably in shock that five Mammoth Birds could fit into such a small can.


Even for competent monsters it is a problem especially if a team has hank or the map is really dark.


Unless you’re on a large, high quality television with perfect eyesight you aren’t seeing a thing. My eyesight is excellent, but on my monitor? IMPOSSIBLE to see through it. ESPECIALLY with Cabot, Abe, Hyde, so on and so forth. There are just so many things going on- explosions, the effects of your own abilities, Hunter tools, etc, that it’s not possible to see through.


Weird that I can do it. And my monitor aint that special either.


Well aren’t you a special little person? :slight_smile:

The point is, it’s unfair to have an ability that makes it literally impossible for many players to fight around.

I honestly dont really know what the problem is unless I can see it from your screen or something. The only thing I can somewhat support is making some of the darker maps (Fusion Plant for example) a bit better lit. Also some brushes can be difficult to see hunters in but eh.

I’m glad that at least some of us don’t have issues with it, but a lot of do. It’s extremely frustrating. Most places will have plenty of scenery to hide in and around, LOS blockers, etc, there are always a bunch of graphical effects clouding the screen, it’s sometimes hard to see past the Monster himself and in combat you’re always moving hectically.

The spore clouds are just…Eh.


do you think this is fun for the monster?

The ability is basically completely broken and should be reworked… It doesnt do anything versus good monster, but is way to strong/annoying against not so good monsters. It is like Lazarus, breaking low level but beeing completely useless on a high level. Sadly it will not get fixed either…

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Ok, you’re suggesting to change the maps to allow for the Spore Clouds (which are considered unfair if the tables are turned and Monsters could use the mechanic)?

Do you not see how ridiculous that is?

Again, this is a discussion on solutions, not a search for that one perfect Monster who is happy to fight in spore clouds, screen shake, hit deviation, etc. So please stay on topic.

Good video. Monster is doing good but it looks to be as annoying as swatting invisible mosquitoes.

Which monster ability did they change? I can’t remember.

Way back when. They changed Scorpid’s Spore ability. It made a thick, thick cloud which stopped Hunters from seeing more than like ten meters ahead.

It wasn’t even that powerful, just “unfun.”

Nice to see that the same courtesy wasn’t extended to Monsters. :stuck_out_tongue:


Monsters are clearly the good guys since they don’t resort to dirty tactics.

Did I ever say that?

Okay now THAT make sense. I was thinking “What the hell have they changed since the game came out? I can’t remember a damn thing.”

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