How to figure out each hunter class in-game as monster?


Can anyone please help me how to figure out which player is which class when you are in-game and play as the monster? I know you are suppose to take out the support first, but for the life of me I cannot figure out who the medic is in the team.

I see a blue beam which I assume that’s support providing shield, but I run around like a headless chicken not being able to figure who the medic is, so I can take it out first.

Lost 2 games because of this already :frowning:

So any tips how as a monster, figure out what each hunter class is?


Well the first thing I’d do is make sure you aren’t colorblind.

I’ve got duetranopia which makes it hard to see greens,yellows, and reds.
Quite troublesome in this game.

Fortunately they added support for the major types of colorblindness!

You can test yourself here:


I believe there is an option ingame to put the hunter icons next to the players names, too


You can see which color the names of the player are because each corresponds to a class

Blue -> Medic
Red -> Assualt
Yellow -> Support
Green -> Trapper/(hoping for a name change to tracker lol)

In the end, this is sort of a benefit towards hunters so that it’s not too easy for the monster I believe.


Got it thanks, I just didn’t notice it before. Much easier now to just focus support classes rather than randomly go after assault


If you’re also just a bit more observant there’s the general silhouettes too.

Trappers are thin and wiry
Assaults are thick and blocky
Medics all have wings
Supports all have emphasis on lower body (Big leg jets)

At least thats what it used to be.