How to fight Stasis Grenades as Kraken?


I’m quite confident in my Goliath skills against all Hunters, just started practicing Wraith. Most times as Kraken I can outrun and take the fight at Stage 2, if not winning then earning a bunch of Strikes. The exception is against a good Abe. Stasis Grenades pull you out of the air, all vertical space is lost and you drop like a brick. Since Kraken has zero mobility options, you’re forced to plod around and wait for Stamina to recharge.

So how do you combat this? Even budgeting your Stamina perfectly, the dash is so short (in addition to needing to get airborne again), coupled with the fact that Stasis can stick to walls & has crazy throwing distance, my Kraken is on permanent lock-down against a skilled Abe player. Halp :weary:


Well stasis grenades are mostly effective on the ground and walls. Don’t get caught on the ground?


That’s fine, until he throws it high against a wall and you are instantly pulled down. Stasis completely negates flight, hence my problem.


As I play Kraken in 99.9% of my games, and wiping teams WITH COMMUNICATION at stage 1, AND THEY HAVE ABE, all I can say is this. Just do as best as you can staying out of that field. IT IS A BITCH…Nothing you can do but try to avoid it.


This. There’s no passive or hard counter- just avoid it. Your airbursts can do this really well, as can general movement. It isn’t too hard.


Why can’t we as monster destroy them? I mean they’re pretty small and hard to find, would make sense if it was breakable.


I imagine it like a human being trying to destroy a golf ball with brute force.


Lol I hold the climb button as I fall nothing worse then being dragged down to parnell or hydes level as Kraken.


I was afraid of that :pensive: Looks like bot Abe will be seeing a lot more practice time.


Bot Abe will NOT prepare you for a real Abe.


Speaking of Abe how do I avoid his stasis grenades? I was playing as goliath stage 3 and all abe had to do was spam his grenades and move out of the way. Sure you can use ranged attacks but you’ll never kill him like that and he will just keep spamming them over and over that’s pretty stupid if you ask me :expressionless:


Your traversal and movement abilities will get you out of them.


Ok what if Im out of them and Im trapped in a dome he can literally just spam them the whole time and even if I do manage to get some damage into him Val and Hank will come to the rescue and protect him :expressionless:


If you manage to use up all 3 traversals and both of his movement abilities without getting clear then you just have to wait. I play against Goliaths all the time that can get out of my Stasis fields. It is not that hard.


Sure one isn’t but one after another just spamming them isn’t even remotely fair.


Yes it is. The Grenades are fine. The only thing I imagine them changing would be be the duration and I don’t think even then that they’d drop it below 10 seconds.It is just something you have to adjust to.


If you think being able to spam any ability is fair then you’re not thinking clearly. :expressionless:


I toss 5 in a wide area, switch to my shotgun and deal damage, grenades, shotgun, when the dome is falling a hit the monster with another dart. I have not seen any skilled Goliath let the Stasis Grenades keep him from putting up a proper fight.


That’s the whole point you can’t put up a fight when you’re slower then a dying camel. He could stand on top of a building and do it all day and you’d never be able to do anything about if cause if you tried Hank and Val would be on him in less than a second.


You have to focus him or take one of them out. A good maggie vs Goliath is a pain too. I would rather jump out of a purple cloud than go for a leap smash and get caught by 3 harpoons.