How to escape Abe


Up until recently I did pretty well as monster, now I can’t win because Abe spam’s tranqs. What do I do? I can’t kill him, healer + Hank makes him invincible.


Basically, you need to use your abilities+traversals; They aren’t slowed by the grenades so you need to either use them efficiently to escape or push abe away(vortex). Also, as you get them back faster in combat, attempt to damage them if they aren’t damaging you as this forces you into the combat state to use more abilities/traversal and basically move faster.


Lead them through wildlife. Traverse in areas that are hard for hunters to follow such as really vertical areas. Keep sniffing and see if they split up to try and cut you off. If that happens turn back and attack them while they are split.


Don’t stop running, put obstacles and climb as many walls as you can, throw the hunter off your trail when the dart ends.