How to engage round robin?


How do i activate round robin mode in the custom games? i cant find it anywhere


There’s a round robin mode???


I mean the round robin setting…


No idea what that is? Can you explain…


There you go


you’re gonna get smashed first this game just wait…


Host a Custom Multiplayer, while setting up the game there is an option titled Extras. The Round Robin option should be in there


Bring it on!


I cheked that already, been over it 3/4 times and could not find it


Looking into this now


What exactly does this round robin do? Auto rotate positions after matches?


You cannot engage round robin any more. There was a bug associated with it so we needed to remove it. We’ll be looking into possibly bringing it back. Until then you’ll have to manually choose to back out and pick a different monster, but at least it works just fine.


Alright thanks for the fast reply!!


I wasn’t even aware of the option until right now but I’d love that feature if you guys can get it working at some point again.


I hope you get this fixed…it was a very cool option!