How to Effectively Get News to the Public


One thing that really hinders Evolve at the moment is the way in which news about the game is distributed to the public. Yesterday, I ran into a few people who had little or zero knowledge about the voodoo Goliath challenge. The same thing happened during the trapper challenge a while back.

I feel that a great way to get people up to date on Evolve would be to delete the main-menu newsfeed and create an in-game sub-menu specifically for news. Every time a new article appears on the sub-menu players could be prompted by a notification on the main menu with messages like “Something new appeared on the feed!” or “New Skin Challenge available, Check it out!”

I think this could really help players keep within the loop, because the only person in my circle of friends who hears about the challenges first is usually me.


Needs to be something you have to click out of before you can do anything else so they are sure to see it. And not just a hit x to close kind of thing so they cant do it without reading it. Something you would have to move over to the button to click it so you know they saw it.


This would work too! Bungie did this for Halo so everyone would know if it was a double exp weekend.


Granted, that would get the word out but I HATE having to click through pop-ups to get to my damn games.


This would be a great idea if it happens as soon as you connect to multiplayer servers and it would pop up every time you connected just to remind players and encourage them to go for the challenge. However, it should not pop up in between matches or when searching for a match because that would just be overkill :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Maybe it should also be displayed during the loading screens?


News is listed in the top left on the main screen.


Yeah but… except for Main Menu dwellers I don’t really see people noticing a rather small news feed that even loads up slower than I can click on Multiplayer.

Might as well use the ‘cool but after seeing it 200 times annoying’ second video loading screen for news about these kind of events I guess.


Could just as easily be a big banner that loads on-screen at the main menu during events. When Dying Light had a major update the devs released a short video that loaded on screen as soon as you loaded the client describing changes and such. I’m guessing a lot of people are skipping right past the small news announcement in the corner (for the first couple month the news feed was often unavailable, so some people might have been programmed to ignore it besides just those who aren’t observant of those things). During events they only show the announcement for the event, but I know what it’s like when you see something, don’t really notice it, and eventually it kinda sinks into the background and you see past/around it - a lot of the time the news feed acts as an advertisement for new stuff in the in-game store, but sometimes it has useful patch info. Some people aren’t gonna stop to read it no matter where you put it or what it says.


Nice response…

It’s pretty obvious that the miniscule news feed in the top left corner of the first of… maybe 4? menu screens you go through before seeing a game lobby isn’t doing the job.

A lot of games have a simple popup on game login when a special event or bit of important news is released. Something different than your normal login so that you notice it.

If you don’t follow the dev comments on this forum every day, you miss out on basically all the content updates.


From what source?? Personal anecdote? I feel that the information provided there is plenty enough for most people. If people don’t want to pay attention to the news feed then they aren’t going to pay attention to most things you throw at them. If more than half the population didn’t know about what was going on, then I could understand, however, it seemed like the vast majority of people at this event, and the St. Patricks event knew what was going on.


IMO I usually check the websit for news…Or just reading the game header with the upcoming and what knot. I’ve never had any issues =D


And you think 50% of people knew about the voodoo challenge? From your own personal experience I presume. I’d bet something close to 99% of the player base never looks at this forum.

Out of seven friends I have who own this game, two knew about the challenge before I told them while playing on Saturday.

Not sure how it is on pc, but the Xbox version news feed is unavailable maybe 50% of the time. On top of that, it takes a couple seconds to load, so if I’m accepting a game invite from the dashboard, I load into a game lobby before the news feed even pops up. I imagine its pretty similar on ps4, and that’s something like 3/4 of the player population.

Original poster is right, events and big news items should be disseminated better in game. We’ve got 2/3 of the screen devoted to a character model running through poses. A popup notice every now and then has to be a more obvious news feed. Not sure how you can argue against that.


Yes, I do. Otherwise why the larger influxes of players on both of these events? I don’t say that they visit these forums, but in one way or the other we’ve tripled (On PC at least) the current population. To me, that means that a lot of people are finding out about it.

Again, subjective and anecdotal.

Just because you skip the menu or have issues with it doesn’t mean everyone else is the same.

I agree that they could be instituted better, but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t working now.


Why would someone stop to read the news feed when it’s the same scroll of messages every day? It changes for events, but at a glance appears the same as the ordinary news feed items.

You think people read the news feed when they sign in looking for events, and I think people click A to go into the multiplayer menu. Both can only be anecdotal and subjective unless you have some sort of direct measure of news feed readership lol.

If the PC population triples on event weekends, I would assume similar increases would be seen on console, and if that’s the case, then maybe people are noticing the news feed. But my point is, even if people notice the feed, a popup window or special news notification similar to destiny, battlefield, left 4 dead, halo, or many other games would increase communications with players.


Which is why Steam showed a HUGE increase of players for both St. Patricks event and this one. That isn’t anecdotal and if anything shows that it was working.


I hate to say it, but you stared at it while you were in the game’s main menu… :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s cool, ignore any point made and just repeat that the news feed exists. Everyone knows the news feed exists. The point is that it’s small, inconspicuous, and could be improved with a simple,in game popup that fills the screen like many many other games utilize.

The fact that the news feed is in the corner doesn’t help the point that the news feed often relays the same generic note about checking the online forum for news… There is little incentive to keep reading these stock messages.


What were the numbers for the voodoo challenge? Compared to the previousweekend?