How to download Micropatch?


I’m on Ps4 and the patch hasn’t applied and nothing to say about downloading it. Is it available in the UK yet?


I’d like to know that, as well.


I have played a few matches and still not downloading :confused:


Have you played online as yet?


Hey there

The Micropatch automatically downloads when you go into the Multiplayer option in game. It is a small, probably less than a MB, update to data files only.

  • Gertz


Not online i can’t atm. Do i need to play online multiplayer for it?


Ahh okay thankyou for the info. Is there by any chance a way to get it without playing Multiplayer? I have wifi on just don’t have Playstation plus atm.


Try playing online. If you can, the patch has been downloaded or is not out for PS4 yet. If you can’t, you need to download the patch and it is available.


Ok thanks for the info gertz I was really confused as to whether it applied or not until I played Behemoth.


Perhaps that is why I was not noticing any changes today, I have been playing solo. Are the changes only applied to online play or will starting an online lobby be enough to get the hotfix?


Are you connected to the internet? I assume you are but I played Solo before I jumped on and it seemed to work


Yeah I’m always connected, didn’t really notice the changes but some of them are subtle.


I’m in multiplayer now so gonna find out if it has patched.


Ya I wasn’t sure till I tested the heavy melee roll spam on a whim and noticed I was light attacking twice between each heavy. Also wasn’t getting melted by Parnell with supersoldier and I shed a small tear of joy as I took it like the giant boulder I’m supposed to be


I have played multiplayer since the micropatch launched and continue having the shotgun noise, instead of appearing in the ship when the match begins I appear in the ground but unable to move.

There is other issue that is not listed here in the patch but I think you may want to know them as well:

Markov´s lightning in the character select screen appears just as black or purple squares.

Well thats all.