How to dodge Wraith Abduct?


Is there any way to jetpack-dodge Wraith’s Abduct?

If feel like the radius is far too big. I can execute a full jetpack dodge and still somehow he grabs me. I can even go behind a building and he grabs me right from behind it. It seems like the decision whether you will be abducted is not made by looking at where you are when the abduct reaches you but where you were when it started.

My best effort so far was to just stand behind a tree. It does the job wonderfully. :smiley:
But if there is no tree around, how would you dodge an Abduction?

IMO Abduct needs a smaller hitbox. Or in case the success depends on where you where when it started, it should be changed to depend on where you are when it reaches you.


I find that just backing up a little when the Wraith aims saves my life a lot.


So a dodge backwards? Won’t it get you either way because it has a huge range anyway?


That saves me most of the time.

That is if the Wraith aims toward the surface you are standing on, not the direction you are going.


I generally fly to the sides or upwards, though as you’ve said before sometimes it doesnt matter whether you side dodge or not and Wraith still grabs you. Idk :stuck_out_tongue:


So if she is above you? When that is the case, I see that working.

@ToiletWraith: I think I need to try to just go straight up…


Upwards dodging is generally what I do these days, feels like I get the best result with it atm


I usually go left or right,going up is not a bad idea or backwards is not a bad idea too.

Since I’m a wraith main I can sort of predict when the abduct is coming which helps me a lot.


If a tiny bit of your cowboy hat sticks out, you’ll get Abducted “through the wall”.
So best find something big to hide behind, not a tree or small crate.


It used to be, that you’d only be Abducted if you were moving, and standing still would save you. You’d take damage but not be abducted. Not sure if this is still the case.


Also depends on how many points they put into Abduct. 2 or 3 points is pretty large radius.


Best response isn’t to dodge but hug terrain you can quickly jetpack behind.