How to Dodge lava bomb and tounge grab?


I find it very difficult to dodge lava bomb it’s like AS to me no matter what you do it always hits you and tounge grab is even worse sometimes cuz if your 10m from a behemoth then your dead.

Any advice on how to deal with this?


Both of the issues you mention are most likely related to your positioning.

Stand far away and spread out. Use nearby covers so you can easily sidestep to prevent yourself from being Tongue Grabbed which is usually the start off an insanely powerful combo.
As long as you can’t get Tongue Grabbed and you’re careful with your Jetpack fuel then Bob’s not gonna have a good time trying to hit you.

Worst case scenario is that Behemoth uses a powerful ability like Fissure or a lucky Lava Bomb to only hit 1 Hunter at a time.

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