How to deal with Rogue Val


Right now I’m hearing tons of things about RV, how op she is and that she can’t die.

New players listen here, the best way to deal with a Rogue Val, is by not dealing with her.
Just attack her buddies, 100% the support.

Once you realize this there is nothing that will stop you against her!

Also remember never to body camp when you down someone, no matter how much damage you lay on top of that body they will get up, and you will take insane damage.

Anywho, have fun and stop calling Rogue Val OP!


Even better: hard focus her, wait for her to pop her healburst, then hardfocus another hunter (like support)


Are you suggesting that to deal with RV is to leave the match?

I mean if you want to go with AI RV then attempt to get the Support and Medic far away from each other. AI uses the healing burst as soon as damage is done to them. So boom Medic down if you focus on that hard enough


Yes. Thank you.

I think people have been mainly struggling with RV+Bucket comps ans RV+Sunny comps, two supports that make this medic unkillable.

In both of these comps, the number 1 target is the support. The medic comes after.


No! I mean not to attack her!


Then you have to worry about eating damage from the assualt for a chance to kill the medic, then the medic boosts in the air from sunny and it’s a mess.

RV sucks so hard at healing, just ignore it.


…How Bucket could possibly makes her invici…oh, right. Times change…

What’s Bucket CD on his new ability ?


About 45 seconds I think.


Wow, it feels longer

What about the Shield Burst? 15 or 20 Seconds?


Don’t know. Feels more like 20-25.

Not really working on Database atm so I don’t know specifics.


Sheesh you’re almost as bad as the Devs saying “Soon” :stuck_out_tongue:


Well lorddeath has said they’re gonna release all the stats so no real point in him going through the effort


In my experience, I have found that simply ignoring her is the best course of action.
Exploiting her weakened single target healing seens to work a lot better to me, at least for Goliath.


Well, unless the Support is Bucket.


Then just follow as above, ignore her and focus the support