How to deal with R. Val



As a monster, how do I deal with dark val, considering she keeps healing fully every several seconds, unless I somehow manage to combo her down within seconds?

Do I go after the support instead? Does she have good healing for allies as well?

I’m a F2P’er so unfortunately I don’t have the characters to try them out, and the wiki is still out of date.

If for example if I get a Dark Val and a Sunny, I don’t even know how to deal with that, since val would be invincible (unable to combo her down quick enough, since Sunny’s shield drone would also make her invicible, so I would have to go kill the drone, giving Dark Val time to recharge her


Ouch, looks like you’re running into some harsh team comps and decent players as a newbie.

I honstly recommend just practicing focusing a hunter as monster.

Rogue Val’s healburst has a kind of long recharge, despite its healing her fully, but it’s worth noting that after she uses it her healing is lowered a lot because her passive healing field is disabled.

So just try and do as much damage to her continuously until she’s dead for good.

If it’s Bucket with her, you need to get Bucket down too as soon as possible.

If it’s Sunny, well, use your common sense basically. Hit the drone, hit Sunny once in a while, and keep focusing Rogue Val.


I assume you mean Rogue Val (R. Val) here. And yes, the two best tactics to deal with her are to either focus her down hard, bait out the healing burst and then pummel her until she’s dead. Or go for the Support first.


I figure you mean rogue val
Basically what you want to do is focus her, make her waste her heal burst, that’s when she’s most vulnerable. When she uses her heal burst she loses her AOE heal, that cripples her overall healing so its worth a shot. If you can after that finish her off, or go after another target, since she won’t be able to heal them as well.


Changing title to “Rogue Val” from “Dark Val” for clarity
Edit: it is impossible to use Rogue Val for title because there is another thread with the same title. So i used R.Val
If that’s ok with the OP


This works too, because her healing is considerably weaker on one single person than other Medics’ healing for a single person. Her specialty is group healing.


She still heals 70 DPS (unless wiki section is still old), which is still a LOT, considering then all the other debufs from trapper and shields from support.

From my experience, I still think shes the best medic, including better than Laz as many say.


70 HPS, yes, but I think regular Val has about 135 HPS. Almost double.

Yes, she does have robust healing, but it’s not as strong for healing a single player as, say, normal Val, or Caira.

And I agree in that she is a very strong Medic.


Ok, so then the general consensus is still go after her first vs other right?

Since I started playing, I have been focusing medics exclusively and it works out great for me. Then it took me a while to realize Sunny’s power shield drone, so now that’s the only time I’m focusing on something else (ex. the drone) vs the medic.


The way you deal with R Val is by not dealing with her. She has incredible self-sustain, but absolutely shite single-target healing. Just burst down the support or trapper, and leave her be


Yea really the best way is to damage/kill the support and then the assault next. You can hit the medic while the assault shield is up, that even faster kills the assault if RV needs to self heal and disables the healing aura.