How to deal with hunters jumping up and down large cliffs?


Just had a match as Meteor Goliath where the hunter Caira kept jumping up and down a large cliff thanks to Sunny’s jet pack boost. Between the shield bot and her own healing I simply couldn’t do anything to her.



What I usually do as Goliaths is climb up after them, if they stay use your charge to push them away from the wall. If they drop off the ledge, use your ground slam to follow them down, instead of normal movement. Rocks also are a lot easier to hit, if you can just hit the wall behind them and they get caught in the explosion


The problem is that as soon as I got up to the top they would immediately jump right back down, and as soon as i got back down they would immediately jump right back up. Even though I was hitting them with rocks and jumps, their self healing + Sunny’s shielding kept them alive while I was getting melted by Hyde.


There was a youtube video showing people how to do this with maxing the rocket perks to troll the monster. It even showed you were to do it best on all the maps.

Comments started to gather about “in game toxicity” so it was canned. As in the video doesn’t exist now.

This is just one many in game exploits popping up. Well exploit maybe a bit strong for this as I send a rock their way from a Meaty quick enough, and for the most part they are sent flying away from the mountain side.

More and more are doing it though. Especially the premade teams it seems. They all do it together in a group while an assault or who ever wails on you from behind while you go up and down and up etc chasing them IF you don’t catch on.

There’s mines waiting at the top and bottom for you too.


Caira and Sunny can be a pretty toxic combo. Especially when you’re playing Behemoth… shudders

If I was you, I would’ve just ran away and waited for the rest of the hunters to drop, then refocus them down again. That’s how I won my match against them.


Really? i thought this was getting fixed by fix i mean monster being about to knock hunters away from the walls more reliably

Good job guys.


If you can focus Sunny first. If she deploys her shield drone, destroy it immediately with fire breath and continue to focus here. Since she cannot use jetpack boost on herself, all you have to worry about is her shield drone (caira’s healing grenade cannot outheal your dmg output)

That, and take movement and climb speed perks.