How to counter Wraith's Decoy?


No, I’m not saying it’s really OP, it’s freaking annoying though. I played with a decent team and we fought this son of a bitch about 30+mins and its health only depleted less than a bar. We lost eventually no doubt and the trapper trapped it for about freaking 67 times!

Expect Decoy, the rest of the Wraith’s ability are fine. Its cooldown is fine but its damage is more than its real one which is pain in our ass.

Any suggestion is appreciated.


Get on the forums and demand a nerf. 60% of the time it works every time.


Nah. I don’t want it nerf as Wraith has the least HP and armor among the monsters. Or else, it will be too easy to kill Wraith. I just want some tips to counter Decoy.


Hydes, flamethrower. Anything with DPS causes her to flicker. Also any tracking darts, Tranqs or Dust tagging helps keep track of her.


Be vigilant and get to know when its a decoy. Tell the rest of the team to ignore it, get away from it and look for the real wraith. If you see wraith decoy in-front of you, start shooting around that area where it happened. If you hit the real wraith she will declaok momentarily. Force her to warp and the decoy goes away. Hunters with spray and pray weapons are effective at this (trappers should be on decloak duty since they have weapons that can be sprayed.)


1)Fire(Hyde and Caira)

2)Spray-and-pray(Almost every hunters)


4)Tracking darts(Abe)

5)Dust tagging(Cabot)


The tracking darts are the best way. The hardest part is to find for the first time the Wraith. Also the decoy is more an action for fleeing in the beginning, so never follow a charging Wraith with all the team. Abe must be smart with this ^^ It’s like chest hehe


I find that the #1 counter for a Wraith’s decoy is for support to pop their cloak. While it does have a long CD, it will protect you from at least x2 decoy’s if the Wraith’s just spamming them. This is also great if the timer’s started and you need to buy time 'till ya win by default. Also: don’t forget about Caira’s speed boost. It falls in line with a supports cloak, but again it’s all about mitigating damage and buying time.

Don’t forget about good 'ol Hank either. If your group’s spread out, his shield will just eat up decoy after decoy attack. Also: Markov is also a good choice if the Wraith’s popping the clone right on top of your group. Markov will most likely have his ZEUS CANNON pulled out and doing consistent damage. When the Wraith pops her decoy, the gun WILL chain to her until she decides to move away. Your group just needs to be quick and pay attention, 'cause it doesn’t take much to move away from the chain. Overall, this can give your group a big advantage as to knowing where the Wraith is and will most likely result in damaging the real one.

Damage the real one enough and they’ll have no choice but to cancel their clone by warping or using their warp blast.

Off Topic From This Point On:

The reason why I’m putting this little tidbit is because once you know how to counter a Wraith’s decoy, you’ll need to learn next how to counter abduct (which I argue is THE strongest tool in Wraith’s arsenal) and the monster itself.

I feel as though the two strongest characters against a Wraith is Maggie and Markov, even against a decoy spammer. Normally I would say Abe for the trapper because stasis nades are very strong, but they don’t stop an abduction or warp blast from Wraith. Maggie’s traps on the other hand can at least delay a Wraith once it’s done warping and will keep Wraith held in place during an abduction. As a bonus, Maggie’s traps only react to the real Wraith. If a Wraith player can’t abduct and if you never get hit by decoy, they have no choice but to get in the face of your group. This is where Markov shines against Wraith.

Markov’s mines, I find, are a higher priority than doing damage with the lightning gun. The reason is obvious: when the Wraith’s in Melee range and doing Nova (aka going FULL HAM) you just need to kite the monster into your delicious mines. Now, if a Wraith player knows what they’re doing they’ll warp blast or abduct to destroy your mines. Markov simply needs to keep them spread apart so that one warp blast or abduct doesn’t destroy them all. The same thing can be said about Maggie’s traps. Also, I forgot to mention that abduct will shield Wraith from exploding mines. But, that doesn’t mean she’s immune to bullets during abducts transition/cast.

But even if you don’t have a Markov or Maggie on the team, you can still take on a Wraith. Knowledgeable hunters who know their class will always be much more valuable than having mines or auto~poons.

  1. Watch for the animation.

  2. Once the wraith “splits” shoot where she WAS, if she takes damage you will see her appear very briefly, you can use this to your advantage to force her to warp, thus terminating decoy

  3. Decoy Flashes white when hit

  4. damage done to decoy is not reflected on the hp/armor meter

  5. Use Hyde, the DoT from flamethrower/gas grenade will reveal her momentarily when she takes damage

  6. Tag the real one. tracking dart, UAV, dust tagging, tranq darts, stasis grenades, all of these ill help you keep track of her while she’s darting around in a fight. I’m not talking about one time at the start of the fight. I mean like be RELENTLESS with it


Most has already been said here, I’d just like to add that the Decoy will always go for the Trapper if it’s domed. Abe’s Stasis Grenades render the Decoy pretty much useless as it can’t get to you. (Assuming the Wraith is playing a very boring build and goes for Supernova and then Decoy, resulting into a very powerful Decoy)


watch for the animation hope you have a decent hyde his flamethrower and grenades help a ton
ignore the decoy hope you dont get hit and mauled to death by it
shoot and ping the invisible wraith


This is a big one


Playing against Wraith? Best strategy that works 100% -> leave the game. After over 25 hours of the game I gost so frustrated with uncatcheable Wraith players I just started leaving. If you are playing pre-made, sure, but with pugs? No way, I’m leaving.


i still have to play with a decent abe


Harpoons should stay attached to the real wraith, giving away her position.
I think this generally works better for griffins harpoons though



Can we use correctly Bucket’s Head/UAV in the dome?

I know it’s really risky, but could it work?


you can, a lot of players do it just before the dome goes down so you can keep on punishing them


Pay attention to the visual and audio queses for the decoy spawn and let your team know it’s a decoy. I try and shoot around the area where the decoy spawns in hope of finding the real Wraith, and that works sometimes. It’s easier if you have a character with fire damage or if you have the poison target perk.