How to counter wraith


I’ve seen stuff about people thinking wraith is so much stronger then all the other monsters. But to me it seems as if people are just not fighting her right. her supernova only works in an are and with decoy, when she’s invisible she still has a shadow (watch a video). any other ideas please post.


I’d say unlike the other monsters where its advised to keep a far distance away from one another, keep a relative close distance away from one another (As in stay far enough to where a Wraith cannot get two people with Supernova). Wraith needs to pick you guys off in order to take down a team. Whereas Goliath can just run in a wreck face without a care in the world.

If anything she’s up to par. She does the most damage but she dies in two seconds. Just lock her down or focus 2 seconds of fire onto her and she’s done. A comp that would be incredibly hard to fight against as Wraith would be Markov, Griffin, Bucket, and Val. Mines and Turrets are a pain in the ass, (Two mines I believe destroy all of Wraiths armor, if not, then 3) Griffin and his MLG harpoon shots after you wasted a dash. Val’s Tranquilizer is the best thing in the game, and against a Monster that relies on speed and stealth; good luck.


People said Kraken was op when he was released then they figured out strategies for fighting it they’ll do the same with Wraith. People just see something they don’t understand how to deal with and cry op, happens all the time.
Lot of people don’t even factor in how weak she is with only 4 bars of armor when you actually attack her on top of the fact that she has to come to you to be effective.
Warp blast and abduction are super easy to dodge and abduction is only deadly when you don’t coordinate or communicate and is next to useless in actual combat.
The trappers easily counter her the hardest with there cc, maggie will probably have the hardest time but when she does get those traps she’ll do fine.
Val tranquilizers will be even more effective


Every monster can be taken down by a good group, it’s just easier to master a monster, the feeding/sneaking is always the same, you basically just need to learn how to handle the new moves/armor and health amounts. Hunters have to learn a hunter, learn how that hunter works with a team… and learn how to work as a team, that’s a steeper learning curve.

Took me two games to become at least a +B monster, took a bit longer to get that good as a hunter


Everything about the Wraith seems overwhelming: the speed, teleportation, and massive sustainable damage. AOE effects are good such as mines, turrets, and grenades. The key as it is with all monsters is to out damage it. Once that armor goes smart Wraith will retreat.


From the videos i’ve seen wraith seems like the easiest one to take down especially with a camping team (Bucket, Markov, and Maggie). Just cause of a team setup like this they can have: Mines, Traps, and turrets laid down and assuming most people will have a hard time abducting with the Wraith and the fact the Wraith doesn’t have any range attacks she will probably be one of the harder monsters to play with. Also consider the fact she has 5 bars of armor compared to the 10 bars of amour with the Kraken and 12 with the Goliath

I look forward to playing with Wraith and trying out some interesting strategies.


I’d say keep her still so you can get rid of that armour as fast as possible. I’m wondering if it’s a viable strategy to just completely ignore the decoy. Shooting is has no effects and only distracts you. It’d probably be easier to just move away from it and shoot around you in hope of hitting the real Wraith.


Ignoring the decoy is the only strategy. You can’t kill it, you can’t drive it away, and you can’t summon dark magic to banish it from whence it came.
So you can only run.
Although if Markov were to shoot it with his lightning gun, it would arc off and hit/reveal the Wraith. So that’s something, I suppose…


I don’t think it does actually, though his Mines could still reveal her.


Wait, lightning doesn’t arc off a decoy? That sucks. :confounded:


A Wraith player can constantly throw its SuperNova+Decoy and hide/eat away… Even in a dome !

With Decoy, as Wraith I wouldn’t feel hunted… Never.


Kraken has 8 bars of armor…


Until you realize it isn’t the decoy it’s the actual Wraith. Let the mind games begin.


It’s funny, If you ask me the reason people find it hard to deal with the Wraith is because they think there’s some special way to do it. For example, when fighting a Goliath, there’s not a whole lot of strategy. Shoot it, don’t die. When fighting a Kraken, it suddenly requires intelligence and strategy. From what I have seen, the idea behind the Wraith follows more in the Goliath’s style.

It seems like there might be some special trick, but I think just shooting the hell out of it works just fine.


I was thinking about counters to Supernova, and one that I feel like would be effective but haven’t seen much of is boosting straight up in the air and using short jetpack bursts to stay up there, above the Wraith’s tornado scythes. Requires jetpack fuel management, of course, but so does everything. I feel like, since the supernova hits don’t have knockback effect, getting up in the air above Wraith could be more effective than trying to dodge away from it (unless you know you can get outside of the supernova dome).


Best counter to supernova that I can think of are the stasis grenades. Sure the Wraith’s attacks are more powerful in there, but suddenly she can’t move anymore. Tranqs are another great option, along with Hyde’s toxic grenades. You have to force the Wraith to WANT to leave her supernova to best counter it


Griffin harpoon from a distance be nice to, or maggie harpoon traps, she pop supernova trapper holds her down and you jet pack dodge away from her


I can’t remember where I heard/read this, but I’m pretty sure the lightning will continue to arc for just a moment after decoy is used, giving you a heads up on… 1. the fact that Decoy has been used and 2. the Wraith’s initial pathing. Fire is also an effective counter - if she uses decoy while on fire, she will pulse/flash from the damage, even while stealthed.

Also, I’m not sure ignoring the Decoy is a great idea. Its melee does more damage than a stage 3 Wraith’s basic melee, so I would imagine you’d want to get it down quick so you can refocus on the Wraith herself.


Say, that makes me think - Decoy 3 hits harder than a stage 3 Wraith, so does it also deal more damage while in Supernova?


EDIT: I misunderstood how Decoy works, my apologies, editing this post so as to not spread misinformation.