How to counter Wraith for those who are finding her frustrating


Sit at a roach spot and camp the relay. Don’t let her armor regen. Manage your jetpacks and you’re home free. Stay spread out too that helps.

You now have the knowledge to beat every person who picks Wraith.

Now, TRS please give Wraith more health now that people know how to counter her.


A Wraith that can aim its WBlast and Abductions will laugh at this.
I think.


Nope. Unless Wraith’s using them from point blank both of those are laughably easy to dodge. If she is using it point blank like she should be then yeah she can actually do some damage especially with Decoy and SN contributing chip and forcing hunters to reposition but she really doesn’t have enough damage to crack a turtle comp.

And she doesn’t have that much health either, compared to Goliath.


in pubs i kill enemy team at spawn even with spawn shield. sometimes i fail to kill last one before dropship but when they drop that 1 is dead and killing ppl with strikes is not problem

I just keep focusing medic until he die,i never switch focus and it always work in pubs

then i go for support/assault

Only problem is team with maggie because killing daisy takes additional time and wraith have barely any aoe

vs premade i reccomend afking at spawn until you die there is no discussion possible on this.


I’m pretty sure that those two abilities are dodgeable from some distance away,…as well as I’m sure you won’t escape if the Wraith is close enough.


The post should have gone in the Off-topic/vent, i regretted posting it here after I wrote. Was never really meant to be as serious as it sounds.