How to counter Wraith decoy (From best evolve player world Kappa)


You should be aware that shooting the decoy causes it to flash, but did you know shooting the Wraith while invisible will show her as well? Yes, shooting the real Wraith while she is invisible will cause her to quickly flash into reality for a split second. To deal with her you need to spray your gun when she decoys, and if you see her flash spam ping. You’ll have the general direction she went, and if you’re lucky you’ll get more flashes, and more pings if you land multiple shots. Also realize where she doesn’t flash is where she isn’t going to be which is just as useful.


You can also briefly see what direction she’s going when she uses decoy.


Yep you get about a split second that you’d likely miss if you blinked. Remember guys the decoy can only focus one target, and you have a medic for a reason. Honestly once people get better at dealing with decoy I bet we’ll get much more aggressive Wraiths. I’ve already been playing Wraith as an assassin that uses decoy to reach the medic/support in the back line while they mess around with the decoy. IMO this play style actually serves the Wraith much better, and is easier to pull off.


The problem with Wraith is that to counter he Decoy itself. You need to ignore it and run. Well what happens? It switches targets and then it kills someone else. I can find the actual Wraith when she is invisible now since she has such low munerving while invisible, but the actual Decoy hurts. It’s fun to use behind a wall and then sneak attack someone. But I feel bad for those players that have to deal with it.


Easy to say hard to do. First of all, if Wraith player isn’t dumb - he won’t pop decoy in front of you. He will at least hide after rock\tree.
Second - Decoy will immediately blink to you and hit with knock back attack. While you “play” with this decoy the real wraith will recover all 3 blinks and just run out of sight


This is why if they decide to do anything about Wraith it should be the damage on decoy. I would suggest a 25% or 50% damage reduction on Decoy, but giving her a damage buff for 1/2/3 seconds after breaking stealth for 25%? I think this emphasizes the way TRS wants her to be played while still allowing for counter play. @Macman what do you guys think? Would the devs be willing to hurt her Decoy damage for an overall “Hit and Run” damage buff?


i only pop decoy just before supernova, so you cant see the animation and dont know i popped it

if decoy dmg is nerfed cloak should be much longer


As i already said - i think her skills should be completely rebuild to make her more “stealthy assassin” than 2-button-bully


That’s why I proposed a nerf to decoy damage, and a buff to burst damage after invis breaks. As I see it TRS sees her as this.
Warp Blast) Break targets apart to cause chaos and make a target easier to focus.
Abduction) Steal a target from the team and easily kill them.
Decoy) Sneak around hunters to get the jump on them
Supernova) So you’ve isolated the medic? RIP


i also suggesting completely remove damage from decoy for a little bit more time in invis and clone shouldn’t blink if gets damage. (also a +damage on first attack from invisibility or pounce)


What they need to do is this. Decoy doesn’t attack unless you attack it. Therefore, if you see him decoy and dont attack it you will be safe. Perfect counterplay.


So make it useless?


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Best way to fight with wraith is to let them think they domed you (gahaha silly hunters…) run to a corner like a normal bitch ass wraith decoy into the corner so the decoy goes into the corner as far as she can to attack damage dealers and then go assassinate the medic or Hank.