How to counter Sunny


I feel like a lot of monsters don’t yet know how to counter her. Thinking she is ‘OP’ while she really is not (although some minor tweaks will make her a bit more leveled). She has a similar play-style as playing against Hank. She is basically support with a stationary, semi-reliable shield, extra evasion + gun damage. Hank has a flexible shield with potential massive damage + gun damage. Not to forget that Sunny’s shield does not shield the first hit. And not to forget the choice of perks per character. A lot of Sunny players take extra jetpack or reload. Hank players take capacity or reload. This means that ‘on average’ Hank has a better shield in every way + potential heavy damage. In an average match (ignoring stage 1 kills) I have around 12-16k damage on the monster with Hank. With Sunny I average about 7-10k (those are not the matches where I went on a murdering rampage against wildlife and was shocked when I did 36k damage with the mini nuke, thinking it was against the monster (wraith)). Sunny can produce MUCH more damage if she wants too, but is far too busy doing a lot of other things in a match. This is where Hank does much better mid-game. Balancing between shielding and doing damage. Hank was the best defensive Support we had, now Sunny is claiming that spot.

Sunny has a shield that takes some time to get up, but if the team positions itself good it can do more shielding than Hank on average. ANY second hit will be shielded, making it pretty bad for hard hitting hits like Rock Throw and Lightning strike, just remember to pick a new target. If the monster play’s smart however, he will replace himself to a more favorable spot out of sight of the drone. This forces Sunny to let the team fight without the shield, or replace it. These small moments of “replacing her setup” make her vulnerable. If you don’t have a choice and have to fight in an more open area, she has another trick making her the best defensive all-rounder, she gives the team a lot more potential evasion. With good communication and awareness of the environment, hunters can get out of your grasp every time. Although it is not as visible as the shield, it is just as dangerous. And where Hank can orbital himself as a ‘last act before death’ he can do some serious hurting before he goes. Sunny’s shield go’s down and the only thing she has left is her gun. Setting up a new shield while being focused almost never works. This is why THE tactic playing against Sunny is by making her the Nr 1 priority in a fight. By letting her live you are always one step behind. She shields your targets, if not she jetpacks them away.

Then there is the last thing that a lot of monsters dislike, she can help the trapper dome you so quick you barely even have time to Evolve. Sunny makes the trapper “the new daisy with a gun and a dome”. Sunny makes the trapper much more of a scout. BUT like we know how scouts fare in other games. IF they are so far in front, they make an excellent first kill as well. In a lot of our games against good and/or smart monsters, our trapper has two strikes when we reach the power relay. It comes with a heavy risk. BUT you could also kill your Nr 1 target: Sunny, and they dome you once, but with greater risk each dome. Trust me that the match leans much more in your favor with Sunny on two strikes. Catch the trapper first with Sunny next and you might have an easy win. Keep the thought alive that they are stuck in the dome with you, not the other way around.

Sunny is the queen of denying you damage and makes a great support catching the monster quick. Damage wise she isn’t much of a threat so if you, the monster, want to do more effective damage, she has to go. Though keep in mind, with Sunny on the monsters back, she can eat away a health bar easy, but she lacks those “real” damaging moments in the fight. Remember that one Orbital that ate away 2-3 health bars? Torvald a damage class can do 1-2 bars if you stand still as well. It might look as much, but at the end of the fight she isn’t that much of a danger.

Keep an extra eye out for situations where Sunny players put a shield on the ground in stead of higher ground. If she is there with the drone, don’t wait and attack that drone (the drone can be taken out by your strongest 3 point attack + a little extra), focus on Sunny right after and there is nothing she other the others can do. Her biggest weakness is that without her powers she is pretty defenseless. Hank too has this problem, but that makes them both excellent targets to take out first.

And the best monster against her is the Kraken. Her gun has trouble doing steady damage against it and extra evasion is nice but the Kraken sees almost every spot and can reposition himself pretty easy. The only way to counter this is to have a hunter that can bring him to the ground, but at the moment a lot of players play with the T4 characters that all kinda suck against the Kraken.

There is only one way to counter a flexible overenthusiastic support like this, with a giant fist, claw, arm-sword in the face.

  • I’m a Sunny player looking for a challenge :stuck_out_tongue: This is a summary when good monsters started to counter my ‘amazing’ placement and timing and I started to learn from those mistakes. Keep in mind that the team falls apart when Sunny goes down. Same like hank. Bucket and Cabot are much ‘less’ of a risk making them more dangerous in the long run. You cripple those teams more by taking out the medic first, but left alone or ignored they do substantiation more damage

Sunny...... WHAT!?

Problem here is that at stage 1 you cant kill sunny, and you cant kill trapper before medic or someone else gets boosted by sunny to where you are, so you are a monster domed at stage 1 with a whole team on the way and shields jumping and stciking on players. dont lie sunny is op


As the Devs have said, She’s doing Bucket level damage while providing around (but not really quite as good) hank level defense. There’s no trade off with her which feels a bit cheap.


Actually, you can. Incredibly easily. The trapper is often far enough ahead you can pounce him to half. And once they shoot you off him… hit him with your three point burst skill (TR, LS, WB etc). Boom, downed trapper. Works every time. I often stay there and kill the trapper to give myself a window to feed and evolve free of hassle. And I’ve learned to just hit the drone with a skill, then switch back to the team.


no way considering most people wotn put 3 points in one ability, and secondly as i said if you do pounce sunny will use her jetpack boost to boost assualt or medic in. you do less than half before medic tops off trapper


If she just boosted the trapper to you she has no more boost left for other teammates


So change your starting setup strategy so you DO have that burst potential. They need to shoot you off before they can really heal, and immediately after that you can kill the trapper. Works alarmingly well against the earlier tiers as well. And if the medic has been boosted ahead of the team, that’s TWO high priority, free kills she’s handed to you on a silver platter.

@Squeeton also makes a good point.


Playing against sunny has a similar movement strategy as playing against bucket. Just move out of the area and fight somewhere else. Sunny on the move isn’t as strong in a dome. Jetpack boost is strong, but it also drains pretty quick. Take down her shield, take down Sunny and no more problems. It’s not like she’s gonna orbital you just before you die.

That + the drone actually takes permanent damage, doing a big attack against it and then taking it out at a tactical moment. It works pretty well and we have lost a few matches that way against good monsters.


Thats regular pub, I use this tactic too but it doesn’t work against pre-made teams or a group of awsomes


Another strategy to add to this :slight_smile:

Remember that Sunny is amazing if the hunters pick a spot to fight and not the monster. Sunny is horrible against ambushes because of her slow weapon swap and the time it takes to setup a drone. Playing Sunny I drop a drone once every 100 meters or so, so if we get ambushed we can double back to the drone. But this strategy isn’t waterproof, you might still lose a teammate and the drone might be a temporary fix to the fight.

When Sunny shoots when the drone has been setup she is hard to fight. Kill the drone and she keeps shooting? There is no way she can jetpack boost a target that fast if you choose to focus one player HARD. I mean, kill that guy in 4 seconds max. I’ve seen it in action while I was panicking trying to swap as fast as I could, actually hitting the beam on the player, but with little effect. It works.


who spends 3 points in 1 ability at stage 1? Currently, I have it really hard to kill anything with Val + Sunny in the same team. I play Wraith and usually do 1 WP 1 AD 1 DC then at Stage 2 I go all out on WP and put 1 point in to AD.


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