How to counter spiderlings+acid spray?


Just curious, is there ANYTHING that can be done against this combo?
Time and time again I find myself utterly helpless…The spray gets put out right with the spiders, the spider grabs me and carries me right through it. Boom, 3/4s of my health gone.

Even shooting the spider doesn’t help much, perhaps ending it short, but still losing 1/2 health.

Specifically, when this is done point blank…obviously when there is some distance the spiders are rather easy to deal with.

What can I do better? I try to save my jetpack but just get run down from having to dodge the web snare and CONSTANT acid spray. I’m lost and I’d like some help.


spiders need time to activate, time 4 hunters could use to just shoot it dead.
not saying that 4 need to be on spiderwatch, but 2 people that are not currently focused should do it…

easy with markov / hyde and cabot


3 things that can counter gorgon period

1# tinker bell out of all the monster the gorgon gets the most affected cause she can’t use this abilities on you on the air the only thing she has is web snare.

2# have to spider killers assault and support if combined can kill it in a sec you scream that you’re going get caught so they get ready

3# pick heavy counters

Assault: Parnell, Markov
Trapper: every trapper griffin I find the most effective
Medic: emet, Val
Support: sunny!!! , bucket


In pubs, you can’t counter pick. You can get lucky that your team happen to pick counters, but this isn’t useful information on how to deal with gorgon. 90% of the time I solo que and don’t have a mic (yet). Gorgon is by far the most frustrating monster to fight from my personal experience.


Behemoth gets the most affected because 3/4 of his abilities are only effective against grounded Hunters and that remaining 1 ability (Tongue Grab) often flat out doesn’t even do the grabbing part.
For Gorgon it’s just 1x Web Snare and that Hunter will be utterly fucked.

Not really much of an option in a game revolving around blind picks.

Try to count the Spider Trap cooldown in your head. Expect when you might see another one placed and quickly destroy it.
Assault and Trapper are both excellent roles to dispatch Spider Traps.

Medic and Support could do it, but most of the time they’ll have their healing/shielding item equipped and Val/Rogue Val/Cabot can occasionally have a little trouble shooting the damn things.


The only thing I can say is get some friends doesn’t matter how good your skill level is if your team is bad your all going down , and buy a mic coordination is key to sucess so you can tell your team to focus spiders and to discuss strategys and make tough pre made comps.


Usually support and trapper shoot the spiders/mimic. As for acid spit, make sure you get out of the pool using your jetpack.


val is bad pick vs gorgon the reason is that gorgon is the best at spreading Dmg and val is really bad when the dmg is spread


Hate Gorgon because of her spider traps. They feel cheap. They take far more damage to kill than they should and they also do insane damage. God forbid they drag you through an acid pool too which is what usually happens. Cheap!


We have different opinion then, her slow is painful as gorgon, combined with a Hank I have no problema out healing her damage


then you haven’t played a good gorgon yet then


When you hear the spider scream use your jetpack and fly up. This will ALSO protect you from acid because its really hard to hit an airborne target, and being in the air means no problem with standing in the acid and taking DOT.

That leaves websnare which is very telegraphed and has a long cooldown. It’s basically rock throw but even easier to dodge!

Mimic sucks so you’ll never have to worry about that.

Thats it, just save your jetpack fuel form when you need it, and GG