How to Counter Daisy?


I love this game, I do; but I cannot enjoy it as a Monster because of Daisy. High-Level Trappers know this thing is totally OP. There is no reason for me, as a Monster, to be Sneaky and Stealthy if Daisy will always 100% home in on me no matter where I am on the map. It forces me to play fast, loose, and very messy – which gives the hunters the advantage before the game even begins. I cannot hunt effectively because good teams split up. Daisy points in the direction and they split into two teams trying to flank me.

As a Hunter I depend heavily on stealth in the early portion of the game. But Daisy counters all stealth. How is this fair? How is this supposed to be fun? I’m a very good monster but no matter how much I know the map, no matter much I know where all the big prey is and take it down fast, I just cannot win matches against 30+ Trappers with Maggie & Daisy. It’s totally stupid.

The fact that Daisy does lead them roughly 70% of the way to me is the problem. I depend on tactics of the mind to out smart the hunters. But Daisy prevents me from being tricky. I have to be aggressive.

Against highly aggressive hunting teams, being aggressive won’t work. Mines, Turrets, and Harpoon traps are extremely lethal.

Even in maps where there is water, Daisy still sees me even if I’ve moved in water and hide in water. No real animal should be this darn effective. Please make a hard counter against Daisy.

Don’t say “Play Wraith” because that’s BS. I cannot pick my monster based on the hunters. It’s all Blind Pick. Please tell me how to counter this dog. I really makes me not want to play this wonderful game. It’s just too damn good.

Edit March 18th: Answered my own question by the way.

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How to counter Maggie/Daisy?

Let me be honest here, coming from a Maggie player since Alpha, Daisy is a damn good effective tracking tool for starting players.

How to counter it? You honestly can’t passively counter her. Good hunters will swap between Daisy and their own direction to find you, forcing you to play it out on cue.

In my time of playing Maggie, you need to treat Daisy as another hunter. If you can down her, eventually kill her, you just removed Maggie’s ability to track you. Maggie’s damage isn’t great, and an average player won’t place her traps in effective spots.

If you get domed, or have an opportunity to hit and run, focus down the medic and then Daisy. (Really, this depends on who is hunting you, but this usually is my worry as a hunter). She can get strikes just like other hunters, and killing her leaves hunters up to their own skill for two minutes (unless Laz is there).

That’s all I can really say on how to handle Daisy. I love the dog, she’s saved my team countless times and won us the game for several of them. I won’t give up all her secrets :wink:


If Daisy dies but Maggie does not, does that mean Daisy is out for good until Maggie dies – or does Daisy respawn two minutes after death like everyone else? Because so far the sheer effectiveness of that mechanic is by far game breaking to me at the moment. I can easily see why there are so many high level Maggie players because the wins just come spilling in – especially if you got a great support. The most common teams I see have Maggie and Buckethead.

Daisy points the way, then Bucket sends a UAV ahead and marks me. Really nasty combo.

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Daisy will run to downed hunters. Down one, then wait for her just like you would for Laz. Also I wouldn’t bother camping her, if a hunter is going over to get her up, they are out of combat for the duration. Let them get her back up then try to get a second strike on her. rinse repeat.

Use water whenever you can to break the scent. Dont’ bother sneaking, just make a beeline for the water, maybe put some tracks on the other side, and then follow the river for a bit. This will really slow her down.

I do have to say that a lot of hunter teams will use daisy at the beginning as a compass and then ignore her unless they totally lose track of you. Following Daisy is slow, and good hunters can move much faster while using their own observational skills to find the monster.


Here is what I’ve observed in how Daisy operates:

  1. if you are not leaving enough footprints for her to follow she will seek you out regardless of your stealth. This is where leading false trails comes into play and either backtracking in sneak or using air travel away from them such as leap or glide.

  2. Daisy is a very slow climber, use this to your advantage in making false trails.

  3. She is going to find you. If a Maggie is in the group Stage 1 needs to be about quickly traveling from kill to kill. Don’t waste time going for big meals until Stage 2.

  4. when you kill Daisy, assuming there is a Lazarus in the group, always eat her corpse. Laz can’t revive snacks


That’s so much epic into one picture. Do you mind if I save that picture and use it in the future?

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[quote]4) when you kill Daisy, assuming there is a Lazarus in the group, always eat her corpse. Laz can’t revive snacks

Good advice aside from one thing; Good hunters don’t leave corpses unguarded if they have Laz in the team.

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Don’t even try sneaking against Daisy.I do leave false tracks in case hunters don’t give much attention to her so that will give me a headstart.

Well all you can do with Daisy is spam your traversal and keep running away.That’s all :slight_smile:


Still good for Wraith players though. Decoy, then snack.


This is exactly why Daisy is a huge problem. She is a mechanic which automatically disables a huge portion of the Monster’s tool set; including Sneaking & Hiding from the hunters.

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If you kill Daisy and not Maggie, Daisy will respawn like a dead hunter after 2 minutes. I forgot to mention to you that if you kill Maggie and not Daisy, she becomes inactive and does not follow hunters or track the monster until Maggie is back on the field.


I sneak but use my Traversals A LOT against Daisy. When against anyone else I use sneak heavily and traversal when necessary. Walking makes too much noise as that will give them an even better idea of where I am heading. That’s my stage 1

Daisy isn’t “game breaking” she just forces you to be quick. I just played against TWO Maggie’s and none of them touched me at stage 1. Sneak to keep yourself silent, eat quickly and always be moving. I’d say travel 40-60 meters every feeding session (Feeding sessions would consist of 3-5 wildlife) and never stay in said session for more than 4-8 seconds. Always be moving and using traversals to keep yourself away from them; occasionally check your surroundings with smell.

And never trip birds. If you do, you’re going to have a bad time.

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I’ve actually never had a huge problem with Daisy, and I consider myself to be a pretty good Monster player. You probably just need to run more. You start of the game leaving a small false trail, go the opposite direction, and then as soon as Daisy gets within smelling range, book it across the map. No matter what monster you play you’re roughly 2~3 times faster than Daisy, so it will take her a while to go back across the map to find you, and in that time the hunters will either try and chase you (negating Daisy), or they will follow her (very slowly). Another thing I tend to do (as any monster in hunt mode, but it’s especially useful against Daisy) is take the smell range increase. It gives you a /much/ more effective vision range, and allows you to juke out daisy with reliable effectiveness.


On a serious note. Good advice, thank you!


Put it this way, you need daisy in order to counter the monster’s stealth…otherwise in most cases you would never catch the monster. Theres 2 sides to each of these balancing coins, the hunters side and the monster, you have to take both into account. Personally ive never had a problem with daisy once i started getting a little more experienced, shes a piece of work for beginner monster players who dont know how to trick her, but its really as simple as giving her some footprints to follow, and then sneaking in a completely different direction, once you have sneaked past a few sightlines you can disengage sneak and go full throttle (at the beginning of the match that is) and get some distance going between you and the hunter landing zone. use this distance to get some armour and you should have evolved to stage 2 without a single encounter so far. Once you evolve the hunters will now be onto you and sneaking past daisy (who is already headed in your general direction) may not be an option on some maps, you could try the old footprint and sneak trick again but at this point i would just huff it all the way across the other side of the map as fast as you can and use your abilities to kill some big meals and get some perks in, you may run into them again but dont worry just keep looking at your minimap and dont get cornered or pushed to the edge of the map. Even if they dome you at this point you can easily win provided you take full advantage of your abilities and you keep the hunters scattered and always chasing you around the dome. It would be wise to get to stage 3 as you are then at your strongest, then its pretty easy to win from this point just make sure you refill your armour once you evolve to stage 3 and then you can start heading for the power relay. Its seriously so easy to win as the monster


Flattery will get you everywhere. I actually started a meme thread but it didn’t take.

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Daisy has the potential to ruin your stealth game, but trust me- she isn’t OP. You need to find the right mix of sneaking and speed for Daisy, and it will be tricky, but when you find it? It just clicks, and Daisy becomes food.


As a Goliath playing against daisy is more forgiving as he he can just kleakping between terrain.


well, i never sneak if the enemy team has daisy
sneaking wont work as she will still find you. in the end, a bad trapper would just follow the dog around and not trying to cut you off. i usually take feeding speed, so that the hunters wont find me till stage 3


Daisy should snif/follow the tracks where the monster actually walked and not snif straight (in one direct line) to the monster.