How to counter BLITZ MARKOV?


Well hello community, today i want to ask some advanced monster players or markov mains, how to play versus you? This tesla gun is almost IMPOSSIBLE to avoid. My mains are Elder Kraken/Wraith, but always moving through the wall to kill the chain is very punishing, because you can’t continue to damage the hunters, they start to heal and shield, then eventually, stomp you. And of course, focusing the same Markov is stupid too, my main problem is, that his gun should be slighly nerfed, while im not even reminding those SATISFYING Mines, that make monster pick rate so much lower. [rage wall xd]. So i am waiting for your response and sorry for my grammar xd


Blitz Markov (and Lennox) force you to not focus as hard on your target. The counter to them is to hit them every now and again. Try to cajole the hunter you’re focusing to run past the assault, so you can either melee them on the way through, or to hit them both with an AoE. Against most teams you might try and force a hunter into a corner or edge of the dome, with these two assaults you’ll want to do the opposite and try to bunch your target up with the assault instead.

Good hunter teams will force you to choose, but the counter is the same either way… hit Blitz/Lennox every few seconds to keep their damage output down.


Blitz Markov’s tesla gun does most of it’s damage when it’s fully charged. But to charge it fully he has to keep the monster in his sights to charge it up. So you have 1 of 2 options:

Keep distance or break LOS with cover. Better for long range monsters.

Smack him around or use an ability to tumble him. Hunters can’t shoot when tumbled, so it will break his chain.


His gun will be getting a small nerf, but with Elder Kraken and Wraith as examples… You could launch the Banshee Missile or a Decoy at him. Any hit will interrupt his chain, and make his damage drop back down.


everyone is talking about them nerfs but I can’t find the patchnotrs.



the thing you must remember, is to not be in range of Markov. Don’t be too close and move a lot. At Charge 1 of his Tesla gun is Weak! Take advantage of it. His mines, use your abilities to destroy them. Remember the placement so you don’t run into them. Hunters might bait you in them, DON’t


Yeah, as with Markov, if you’re jumping back in to a hunter pack then try to clear it out first. Flame breath, decoy, acid spit, etc… clear the space you’re jumping in to.


Get them to use their shield, then go back on support/medic, then go back on them when their shield is down. Especially against Blitz Markov, as, as mentioned, you can tumble him around which breaks his beam and keeps it from charging.

If that doesn’t work, well you probably just lose. They’re super strong and things are pretty heavily Hunter favored when it comes to decent players.