How to call out directions


Running through the underbrush with your mobile arena drawn, you hear frantic way-point pings. Your team has eyes on the Wraith. “It’s by me!” one of your team mates calls out. You’re not sure what class they’re playing. “It’s going left,” says another. You’re not sure what class he is, or what direction he’s facing.

You hang a left around a column of stone. On the other side you hear three sharp trills as the Wraith traverses away, and out of reach.

What went wrong?
Both your teammates provided information that, from their perspective, was crystal clear. So why weren’t you able to use it to close in on the Wraith?

The problem is subjectivity. Your teammates assumed that you knew who they were, and that you could tell what direction they were facing. The former assumption isn’t a problem in games with friends, whose voices you know. But the latter assumption is a problem in every game. And both assumptions are avoidable.

North, East, South, West
These are the terms that humanity has used since time immemorial. You can be more precise by saying Northeast or Southwest, whatever the case may be. If you ever get mixed up, just remember: Never Eat Sour Wheat.

Keep the inside track
Once your team knows where the Monster is, try to direct your team to where the Monster is going. Stay near the center of the map and don’t approach the edge until you’re sure you have the Monster cornered.

Follow this M.O., and your team will stay on the Monster like stink on a Reaver.


My favorite is when someone yells: It’s there!


To be fair, that’s usually followed with a ping, or atleast it is when I say it


I changed my keybinding for pinging out Monsters quite early to mousewheel up. That way you can just point the direction with 3-4 quick successive pings which should be pretty clear from whatever angle you’re seeing them. The default key Q is way too interruptive to ping multiple times for directions. There’s generally no need whatsoever to call out any directions over voice after pinging them properly like this.


I thought it was Never Eat Soggy Waffles


Yes, always call out it’s on me only with a couple (or more) pings at your location, people will react to the pings more than your voice anyway!

I’m glad we’re past the stage where people need to be told there’s a compass on the HUD though, that was a tough week!


I thought it was
Never Eat Sandy Watermelon…


Some great alternatives to my NESW mnemonic device here.


That’s a good idea, I might change to mouse wheel up as well.

I beg to differ, though, about calling out the directions. Seeing a red blip for the monster helps a lot, but a Trapper needs to know which way the monster is going from that blip. The more information the better.


just to clarify, north is automatically towards the top of the map when it’s pulled up onscreen, right? I don’t use this but I will now, thanks! :slight_smile:


You can use the map and up is north, or the compass in the lower right corner


Yeah that’s the thing, I have my mini-map up 100% of the time when I’m not in a dome (both as Monster and as Hunter). I don’t see what use the compass is compared to the map, since the compass can’t tell you how to navigate obstacles or where you are relative to everything else.