How to bring Us back to the game


I stopped playing Evolve regularly for one reason: I kept getting matched up with a bunch of No Mic Nancys. Unless you are the Monster, The game is simply not fun for us mic users unless we have mic using teammates. It is an exercise in frustration. Here I am trying to communicate and am forced to play with three people who refuse to do so. I cant warn them of things or tell them anything outside of using the Pings. And they cannot warn me of anything.

While casual gamers may not care about Mic usage. We Hardcore people do. And we are the ones people ask if they want to know what games are good to buy. We are also the ones more likely to buy the skins and such you are trying to sell.

Edit (cuz computer fail):

Please get us a Mic using or a “Chatty” Matchmaking prefrence. Other games have done it in the past. Pity it has failed to become an industry standard.


Even if you’re playing as monster it’s not fun because you get thrown against randoms. There is no rewarding feeling beating randoms without a mic. Casuals come and go but the dedicated players stay, TRS should listen to us, I’m asking for chat bars for consoles, clan tag for consoles yet TRS doesn’t respond to me. What must we do to get heard? These are small things that would help the community grow and sustain. Sometimes I ponder what’s the use of this forum if TRS never answers you?


I’ll echo everything that’s been said x100000000000! I’m almost forced to take health regen these days because it doesn’t matter how many times I ping my feet, shoot, and tell the medic to heal me they barely ever do.


A set of character voices that say “need heal” or “retreat” by pressing say 1or 2 or something wouldbe all kinds of awesome, sometimes the girlfriend is sleeping, and I forget about it and when I yell " PUT DOWN MORE MiNES!!!" At 12 midnight she gets understandably annoyed


We need some action prompts like in other games like Battlefield. Something to give field orders or something to tell that new beginner Val to heal you or Hank to shield you


…I just want to point out, that hardcores will ask hardcores.

But for casual folk like me, having fun is at the core.

I saw people having fun in game, and that’s what spurned me to buy,

A pre-order package, I don’t regret it, that’s no lie.

Now to ask for everyone to have a mic, that desicion is up to you.

No one can blame you for what you want, but it is not globally true.

Now sure you can get a mic, for a small price these days.

But think of all the people who couldn’t get one, as they could only afford to play.

And that’s not just in the interest of money, but also it’s in time.

(After all few people have the extra time to write in rhyme)

So don’t diss folks without a mic, that isn’t really fair.

You don’t know their situations, ‘Can’t do’ is not ‘Don’t care’.

So for the time being we’ll have to wait, for button commands to be implemented.

I know they had it in Guns of Icarus, so perhaps our anger should be vented,

To implementing such a system, instead of talking trash,

About the fellow without a mic, either due to time or cash.


Who let Dr suess in the forums?


(i’ve always been here, spreading my wit, and I’m here forever, deal wiffit)


If you don’t want to play with randoms who don’t have mics, we have a bunch of resources on the Forum to help you find players. Since you haven’t listed your platform, I’ll post them for all platforms:


Platform Specific

Xbox One




I quit playing this game mainly for the same reason as the OP. Public games are simply not fun. Combine the lack of communication with poor matchmaking and head-scratchingly long load times, and its just way too much of a chore get enjoyment out of this game. The suggestion that I have to have friends online to have a decent experience simply doesn’t cut it. There are always going to be times when friends are not available or willing to play, and I should be able to have a good experience solo, but sadly, that is not the case. When the game works, its brilliant. Sadly, the vast majority of the time it does not work and is a waste of time.


Destiny is the same way. Have to set up a raid party beforehand.


At least you are in control of how that is set up, and there are plenty of things to do solo or in smaller groups in case you cannot get the party set up. I played Destiny solo all the time when I was active in it and had alot of fun. I wasn’t required to have friends online to have a decent experience like I am in this game.


TRS has done nothing but answer the majority of posts here. And just because they add a feature that you want doesn’t mean they don’t listen.

I don’t think they need a chat bar on console at all. Why can’t you just plug in your damn mic and tell me what you want? Much easier than typing. I’m willing to bet that more people have Mics for their console than keyboards lmao.


I have a great time with or without friends in this game.


I am taking a vacation from the game for completely different reasons, but I can respect your frustration. And us casual gamers like to win too btw.

What I have found being difficult is that: A LOT of people have open mic. to their friends. Who may or may not even be playing Evolve… I actually did a whole video once for educational purposes just to find out that the software recorded my friends talking about the weather, their babies, Daiblo… All sorts of things not important to the game ><

That being said… I agree. Teamwork is the most important thing in this game, which can be marginalized by hunter choices… but still: People should take time to learn the strategies of advanced play… and use a mic.


It’s not just evolve, it’s any game.


Unfortunately, in the online gaming world not everyone chooses to use a mic nor will. And for that, you really can’t force people to do so either. It kind of just comes with the turf I suppose anymore and it’s something I myself am used to.

As for ways to get “back” into the game, @Plaff had already listed some prime good examples of outlets to seek out some new pals or perhaps find some random people to play with who may feel the same as you do.

I feel that in today’s world, the longevity of video games has far been shortened since the days of old when games would keep you interested for months. Partially due to the patience level of gamers now a days, but also partial to how fast new titles come out anymore.

I know I can speak for myself when I say that every year there are so many games I want to play anymore that I Never have time for them all and try to play as much as I can, which can sometimes lead to me only playing a game for like a month…Take Elite: Dangerous for example for me.

But yea, I’d suggest browsing through the links/threads posted here and just adding some people as you go. Keep an eye out for Ventrilo or Team Speak servers and such too since alot of people sit in them and play rather than use in-game voice function as well.


People on PC get matched up with the same folks over and over and it’s hard to even get 5 people in a match. I’d kill or the opportunity to be actually able to play the game ,people with mics or not,plus I’m from EU,and most euroPEONS are shy because they’re afraid that someone will notice how their accent, pronunciation and grammar aren’t as perfect as the Queens(God save her),so they’d rather pretend they don’t have a mic and just stop every 30 seconds to write to tell you how you should have magically predicted their intentions and how big a noob you are.

I personally use a mic, but if the rest of the team doesn’t, I drop it since I just feel dumb talking to myself.

@Plaff don’t get me wrong, but when I bought Evolve no one told me that it’d be a game that would require of me to actually ARRANGE matches,so as helpful this may be it doesn’t solve the problem and most of all it just shouldn’t be like this.

ED: just a rant irrelevant to the thread I suppose


The in game audio quality is poor, you can barely understand eachother and there are a lot of high pitched screeching sounds. It’s a guaranteed mute.


its all about that ranked …