How to bring back the game/Community


Make it** free**. You make enough money off DLC, TRS… And you know it.
Stop counting dollars and make this game great again, because without a community there is literally no point in playing, I can play bots that don’t suck all day on other games.

I shelled out the $60 on launch, mistake? Probably, but will I suck it up if this game is made free, so that I wont have a wasted CD and two DLC bundles laying around that I spend another $50 on. Seriously want to love this game, and the devs have a multitude of options that aren’t being employed: thus I feel insulted.

You wont have to pair level 40s and level 2s anymore because of your barely-breathing community having no players left, people won’t take the game back the first week because they got decimated a dozen times by seasoned monsters - while they had a team of equally skilled hunters in low levels.

I’m surprised there’s any sugar left in the pantry with how much coating has been done on this game.



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