How to break bob's wall?


I know you can break part(s) of it. But I’ve only done it on accident. I know you can. Since elite wildlife puts holes in it ALL the time. I wanna know how to intentionally break it. I know you can as a hunter…but how? It would help greatly if I knew.


It’s a bug. It isn’t suppose to break.


you take the full hit of a spire as its coming up to mitigate it, if a spire is spawned undisturbed, it will remain until its effect is complete


Elite wildlife breaks it all the time. With no failure of breakage as long as it hits them.

I’ve tried taking full dmg sometimes but a spire still rises where I got dmged. I almost feel as though it’s random with hunters.


It’s suppose to kill wildlife and make them ragdoll, but elites have more health, so they can’t ragdoll, so it messes with the system.


I don’t buy that.


Leap strike where a pillar should rise
But you didn’t hear that from me

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I’d say something stronger, but I’d rather not get censored.


Wait, does it really work?
I was just makin a guess (._. )


Atleast you didn’t get flagged for jokingly calling someone a dummy #stillsalty

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When I want to share the unvarnished truth, I post on reddit

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