How To Become A Moderator


Just wondering on how people become moderators? Were you guys asked or did you ask? Just wondering how, it seems like a lot of work and TRS would of had some reason for picking @Plaff or @SledgePainter do they have connections? >-< I’m so confused :dizzy_face:

SOoooooo where is my Press release copy?

Moderators are usually asked when people are considered good for the position. This process changes depending on the site and how old it is. Newer sites generally have less membership and might not be as picky, or they could have a review process. Once bodies fill in usually they are ‘recruited’ by the Kodan Armada… I mean, other officers.


@plaff got it for being the all finder and @SledgePainter and the others got it for being incredible member of the community and being helpful all the time.
Edit: @Plaff is also incredible and helpful lol didn’t mean to leave him out of that.


How does one move up to a Leader?


Cash or Major Credit Card.



I belive you have to get promoted by a Mod/dev to become a leader


Leader status was given after you’re read/posted/liked/got liked a certain amount of posts. I think there was a change in the system and that is no longer the case. I used to be a leader a long time ago before that change happen. Eventually I got the title back because I talk too much on the forums :stuck_out_tongue: I would rather have a title saying I don’t need to quote the devs due to reliable answers :stuck_out_tongue: That being said, I think I have been in error once or twice. I hate being the one to look up the dev response when the person accusing me of incorrect information should be the one to provide burden of proof first. Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:


Hopefully I’m granted Leader status at some point. I’m interested in becoming one.


Thanks for all the info guys :smile:
If a mod wants to close this feel free :smiley:


No worries. Enjoy the forums :slight_smile:


I can only speak for myself but I can say I was invited. If you are a very active member of the forum and contribute to the community positivity as a whole, you can always be up for becoming a leader or a moderator if the need arises…and then you will be asked, probably by a member of the dev team. The growing forum means more people are asked to help handle things over time. We try to keep the forum cleaned up for easier dev access to certain threads and general public viewing also. While it does come with some perks it also comes with a lot of responsibility too. I split my Technical Test time with moderating, for example. During the Beta the forums exploded and needed extra managing, which meant putting the forum over your own playtime. But I sure love the job! Happy to be a part of the team…wish I could work for TRS directly!


Yes, there was a change indeed. Now the leaders are handpicked instead of given their title after an X amount of reading/posting.

I find that much, much better. You don’t give random people the power to move/lock threads!


Perks, you say? Tell us friend, what are these perks of which you speak? Do they sing and dance, perchance? Maybe even rhyme, from time to time? Do they walk, or talk or maybe the shock is too much to handle for me! Oh dear… oh no, I feel 'bout to blow I just cannot wait to hear! Tell us now, shout it out! Speak to the heavens and speak it aloud so loud, so loud, just shake the ground and give us that satisfaction!

Okay now that that rhyming/singing insanity is out of my system, I really am curious XD is it more than just a position and getting to talk semi-regularly with the devs on near-equal ground?


Totally had the tune from Broadway’s Jekyll and Hyde going through my mind while you rhymed this.


They get let into the secret forums, where they are able to play evolve with the devs non-stop


Well, I can’t really say too much there but the moderators did recently get an invitation to an early release build of Evolve, so that’s a nice perk TRS kindly bestowed upon us. :blush:

But you know, when the game finally drops we’re gonna really be needing to hit the forums more than ever because I think this community is going to expand beyond belief in wonderful ways!


Wait what?! Wow so lucky! Not many people will have early release so will you have anyone to play with online? Such a lucky ducky…

Dear Turtle Rock Studios, may you make me a moderator? Haha :smile:


Oh, a handful of forum users were invited too, along with most Leaders.

I think they invited enough people to get a few matches going.


Just to stem the tide of concerns; It’s not the final product, it’s not a free game, and it won’t carry progress over.


Oh, the jealousy…