How to beat Kraken on Defend?


Anyone else having a lot of trouble vs a Kraken on Defend? We have won the four previous matches (giving him the maximum handicap bonus) and he just stays back and blasts the generator with lighting strikes and vortexes. And he doesn’t stay, he just leaves as soon as he has thrown those abilities out there.
And sure we can catch him in the dome, but often do the minions just go around the dome and beat on the generator (not like the turrets do anything to them…)
So then we have him dome’d and he obviously beats us being stage 3, practically fully armored and having 4 handicap bonuses. He just downs the trapper and then goes to get armor again. He returns with full armor and is free to throw his abilities at the generator again.

Anyone got any idea’s how to stop him?


As it stands right now if they have 4 auto balance on the last day and they are decent you might as well just bend over lol. The most effective strat I have so far is ignore the generators and hunt the damn Kraken himself right from the start. If you get wiped w.e as long as you do big damage to him. You have two expendable generators to get through first lol.


You could lure him into the last area and dome him with a lot more turrets that place around the power relay and hopefully they will help you slightly…slightly


I have beaten a 4 auto balance Kraken but it was the most clutch clutch to ever clutch, and we had a party of 4.
You are kind of right about hunting the Kraken. You need to constantly keep the Kraken domed away from the Generator.

Yeah you definetely only want to dome right after you’ve dealt with the minions. Usually the Kraken will focus on the generator so much it won’t hear your dome. Plus, easy to harpoon/nade it since it’s so focused.
The monster running away for armor works to your advantage. If you dome him every time he shows up, chances are he’ll run as soon as the dome is down.
We only won that clutch game because at the 2nd generator we would push him all the way to the first one or him to eat, and at the 3rd to the 2nd.
At generator 1 you just want to fight him after you’ve dealt with minions.
At generator 2, same thing, but if he starts running you chase him until hes back at spawn.
At generator 3, same thing, but chase until generator 2.

He did almost beat us since he wised up at the end and just started meleeing the generator so we couldnt dome him away from it, but that’s why we were able to kill him. Literally had the smallest sliver of hp left on the generator.
But yeah a 4 auto-balance Kraken is not fun to play, especially since people pick it just to cheese.

Sure if you lose you don’t get the overall win, but you’ll get way more total exp.


Aw the old Kraken cheese… yum!


It sounds like he’s not gonna let your kill him easily. So I’d probably focus on using up as much time as possible. Apart from the fact that you can win this way it will force him to be more aggressive, so you can use this to hurt him more.

I haven’t managed to pull this off yet, but there is a tactic for rushing out off the start and doming the monster while the support cloaks you so you can stay alive for as long as possible, and basically repeating this over and over


If you are the Trapper, check your distance to the generator before throwing the arena. If you’re greater than 60 meters away it will be outside the arena, and if it’s properly positioned the minions are almost guaranteed to walk in on their way to the objective. If you want to be REALLY cheeky, set the arena down at 59 or 60 meters exactly. The minions will still go to the generator and attack it (it clips through the arena slightly), but they won’t do any damage. A few arenas like that and the Kraken could lose at the first generator.


i use dome to protect the turrets , if the kraken enters the dome then we focus him with extreme prejudice


As Abe the Trapper, I tell my teammates that I’ll be setting the arena up as soon as the monster’s armor is gone, and far enough away from the generator so that it’s outside the arena itself. This way, not only can we keep the monster from attacking the generator, knowing there’s a timer against the monster, but we can also whittle his health away when we do engage him. Meanwhile, as the minions arrive, I throw stasis grenades to slow their approach. I don’t know if there is any way to track wins/losses for this mode, but to my knowledge I haven’t lost this way yet (though, much more credit is due to having competent teammates). We’ve either killed the monster outright, or the timer against him ran out.


“How to Beat Kraken on Defend?”

Shoot Him.
Shoot Him until he is Dead.

Then stop shooting.



They need to get rid of the auto-balancing in Evacuation.


kraken and wraith r easy in defend goliath is hard throgh on that


I’d say rush on his face, and dome him, using Abe to glue him to the ground and using Bucket to add some damage for the turrets against the minions, to protect the generator mainly.


In one word?


Use Abe’s stasis grenades, it makes it almost impossible for Kraken to fly anywhere… As soon as he comes in for the generator, spam the air with Stasis grenades, it’ll bring him to the ground where you can pretty much shred him up.


Stasis nades are bloody god mode.

I can’t imagine fighting monsters without them anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


Abe + Markov mines are mighty powerful combo to take down the minions, but as soon as they are weak enough (turrets can finish them off) Take that smug grin of Krakens face and crush him. The maps aren’t as complicated as most maps and offer less lanes for travel. Dome him outside of the generator to make sure he takes permanent health damage.

Defend is about endurance for the Monster, if you can either make him loose too much health early on, or at least waste him time, you can win.

I suppose it could be a viable strategy to just dome him + minions and kite them both around a large pillar to go for the timer win or just kill them if you can.


Thats all fine and dandy, but our main problem is fighting that stage 4 handicaps monster. The monster is already stronger at stage 3, why does he get minions compared to our useless turrets?


Because otherwise that would make him the only target and make it impossible for him to win. The minions serve as a pressure point, to make the Hunters decide if they want to win the highly risky short game (kill monster), or delay for a long game (deny as much damage on generator and run the clock).


minions drop pretty fast too with the right abilities.