How to be the best monster, GUIDE


Play the game, if you are loosing, disconnect, play another game…

at the and…

100 games / 100 wins…

Easy, isn’t it?


Misleading Titel…

Should be how to get the best “WLR” on Leaderboard´s!
If you quit a game if ur lossing ur not the best monster right?


Because TRS devs can ban on steam… You’re just wasting their time in this thread. Besides even if it is undesired game strategy it is allowed by game design and is no way bannable offense and it seems like OP is just being sarcastic, since it is happening to him a lot and well he gets annoyed by it, as rest of us are.


I am not doing it, I am not playing monster, but we play as a team and saw thousand people doing this… .i am not talkiing about myself, I played 5 moster games lel…

  • I am also talking about those leaderboard… they won 100/100… that’s funny… they doing this all the time.

you didnt get it, bro…


I bet milion dollars they doing this all the time… :slight_smile:


oh yeah. There’s no friggin way theyre undefeated with the level of skill some of these premades I’ve been up against. Unless theyre playing the same scrubs over and over…


Leaderboard need to add “leaver count” or just better, they get crappier score just for leaving (auto lose?)


I’d agree to that, but they get the autolose after few minutes in game and leave. I am finding myself leaving quite often when I queue up and join to game in progress as a losing monster which I didn’t want to play in first place. All I am saying there are also good reasons to leave at least from my point of view.


I had 30/0 with Wraith yesterday, up to 36/2 now(ranked 10 on leaderboards. Lost 1 game due to game bug(placed into game mode I didn’t understand) and 1 due to simply making a few mistakes in a row while on low health. I had no idea you could even do that, and I’m not really surprised that some people have scores of 50 or 100 wins to 1 or 0 losses. It’s really not hard as a monster if you’re good at it. Having something like that as a hunter is pretty impossible though, as you only make up 25% of the team and 75% of success depends on teammates.

Actually, I was most paranoid about a random DC or crash because I didn’t want my loss count to go up. If you DC from a match, it should definitely count as a loss.


I agree, but the matchmaking system in this game is maybe one of the worst I seen in years anyway (and buggy as hell). So they need to sort that out before even consider leaderboard “legit”


I am joining the game with 5 people as a spectator so I am leaving almost every second searching…

I dont know why TRS want me to spectate those people.


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sarcasm mark
[/quote]Who the hell would flag that post? There was nothing wrong with it.


He edited that…


Ah ha. I’m an idiot, ignore that, sorry. :confused: