How to Be Pro at Evolve


Hey guys, these are my tips to being great at the game! Through reading posts on here, it sounds like this strategy may be the most effective.

  1. Start it up.
  2. Play a few matches.
  3. Suck at it.
  4. Whine like a 5 year old.
  5. Go on to the forums and complain about everything being OP when in reality you’re just awful.
  6. Complain about DLC (that is just skins that you don’t have to even buy) on all the youtube videos.
  7. Feel better about yourself.

There you go guys, you should have everything elite in no time!



You telling me I’ll get that Kraken Elite skin a little faster if I start complaining? uh, I better get started then. :wink:


i’ve reached a stage of complaining where i’m actually complaining about the elite skins


Wow,simple guide i though it was
4.learn from mistakes.


btw top 300 in region is it a pro level or not?

how can i understand im pro?

maybe im top 1 goliath who sucks and leave games?


Been trying the complaining thing… and its just not working for me guys. I must be doing something wrong. Oh! Maybe I’m not complaining hard enough. :smiley: