How to be in a party(including 2 people only) and still be the monster?


Me and my best buddy love the game. But we want to be able to be in the same party and be the monster. One of us being the monster, the other being a hunter, really is an adrenalin boost. It is more fun, more exciting, more awesome.


If just the two of you are playing, go to Multiplayer->Custom Games. If you want to play with random people, that’s not possible. People could abuse this and ruin games for others. Best gather 5 people and start a custom game.


We two want to be in the same party and not play against bots.


Well then that is not currently possible as of now: /


That really sucks man. I hope they bring a solution to this soon.


They will never allow this because of the possibilities of cheating. The monster can just throw the game so the hunters win, or the hunter can just go doing silly shit, so it turns into a 3v1 and the monster wins


This is not something that needs a solution. It is intentional.


ya my friend and me joined a game in progress where i was the monster and we were on teamspeak. he just told me everything they were doing since we wanted to end round quickly and play together.


Your arguement is a little invalid considering you still gain progression in custom games. I could understand them limiting monster usage if custom games didnt grant progression but thats simpy not the case.


ignore warpathchris. hes just a whiteknight that thinks the game is 100% flawless.

the games matchmaking and party making system is just aweful. its a multiplayer game and the multiplayer sux. they half assed the shit out of this game


if your argument is “it stops cheating” well guess what, it doesnt. not even a little. its not hard to boost since you can communicate with the monster inbetween matches.

“hey. boost us and we’ll boost you next match”
-boosts for 2 rounds-
rinse repeat

their current system is just terrible and needs to be completely remade.


Agreed. Why wouldn’t they bring a “vote to kick” function to the game? If somebody is cheating, the others should be able to kick them.
As far as I’m concerned, even solo play registers progression? We should find a bug that will allow you and your friend to be in the same game without being in the same party.


actually if u get lucky and u get pared with another party (and ure the bigger one) u get to play monster

and it seems to be possible if ure joining into ure friends lobby without being in his party before

doesnt work always but it works sometimes


I made a whole thread asking for a vote to kick option but no one else seems to like the idea.


If you are on the Xbox have your friend join a game, go to your xbox friend list, under join click join game. You can be the monster this way and still have party chat