How to avoid carnivorous plants more easily


Hey guys I just found a way to be more aware of carnivorous plants! In the graphics options, if you set the “model detail” to minimum, many grass and rock details won’t be loaded, making the carnivorous plants easier to see. Here’s a comparison:
On Minimum:

On Very High:

Renegade Abe and Paladin Parnell should be nerfed

Saving lives and saving frames all in one go.


Holy crap the game looks entirely different


I feel as if this is one of those face product infomercials where its a before and after of the same picture except photoshopped.


Sorry to derail but HAPPY CAKE DAY SHUNTY!


I don’t think its a big enough problem to turn down your graphics.


I kinda got used to seeing the vague shapes of the plants on the corner of my eye; I used to get caught a lot, but once you memorize their locations in each map they’re hard to miss.

I still get too focused on chasing the monster as a trapper though, which has led to some very embarrassing moments :sweat_smile:.


Sadly this won’t be possible on consoles DX


Well once you’ve got a bit of experience you’ll basically never get caught in plants lol. Even in pubs these days, only F2P’ers get caught occasionally.

But my graphics are always on minimum anyway.