How to access Evolve game assets? (For Modding)


Hi all,
As most other fans of Evolve, I was sad to hear the game was shutting down. However, before it went completely offline, I was hoping that the dev’s could release an extractor or compiler for the game’s .pak files; or another way to provide players with access to the game’s character and model assets for modding purposes?

I was hoping that I could mod some of the textures on the monsters. Specifically, I wanted to add map-specific camouflage textures to the monsters to make them harder to spot. (I feel it would add more of a challenge to the game when playing on a VPN LAN with legacy edition when the game finally goes offline.) However, the game assets are all compressed in .pak files that I cannot access. (I think they are encrypted.)

Other’s have managed to rip the game assets and port them over to SFM already, however I cannot seem to find out how they opened the files, let alone how to put in new texture files in the .pak assets.

Does anyone know a working .pak extractor/compiler? Can the Devs’ release the game assets for modding?


Uh…TRS doesn’t have rights to the game anymore. 2k does.


Modding in the game is not allowed by the devs, unless you extract the files to port them into other games as mods, like the SFM models you mentioned.

I don’t know anyone who can do that, those I met and asked to port them models made fake promises and instead blocked me. We all wish to see the game’s content spreading, but…the game is so unfamous to the eyes of the people outside of the community, it would be a hard challenge.

And like Pickles said, the devs does not have the rights anymore on the game…


Alright, Thanks. I didn’t know TurtleRock had parted ways with regard to Evolve. I guess I’ll head over to the 2k forums and ask the same thing. However, I guess I’ll have to settle on seeing the game assets ported out. Do you know how to get the assets/models out of the game so they can be ported? It may be possible to mod the goliath model to be inserted as a Tank in L4D2.


Don’t even bother. From what I’ve heard from others, the most 2k will say is “sorry but we don’t really care fuck you”.


I have no idea. Try to find the people who ported the models of the Gorgon, the Wraith the Goliath and some of the hunters, maybe they’ll help but I’m not 100% sure.


Pretty much


It is actually somewhat true tho,i contact 2k support and they be like :we don’t know so you ask 2k Marketing (by email btw) and ofc 2k Marketing just straight up ignore me


you have to be a code jockey


Code monkeys like Fruitos and Mountain Dew. They’re very simple people.

In response to o.p.

“Asset Collection” is the term youre looking for (2 threads. Both have relevant info )


At a minimum I know some of the assets from evolve have definitely been stolen and used in other games- There was a thread awhile ago someone posted of a game that had some of the evolve creatures being used in it- When called out about stealing the assets, the guy behind the game showed that he just saw them on one of those “look at all the assets we have!” community style hubs and used them in his game- not even realizing they were from evolve.


Don’t get me wrong, I dont want to ‘steal’ anything. Evolve had, and still has, some great potential. Using the assets such as the monsters in mods for other games would be beneficial for the game as a whole as it would draw more attention to the I.P.

However, my person interest in gaining access to the .pak files was to mod the files to give the monsters environment friendly camoflouge. Since the servers shut down and it will be SP only now, I am looking for ways to make it more of a challenge.


The files are encrypted and any information to break these encryptions would not (and should not) be shared here.