How They Could Do It: Star Wars Rogue One


Hey guys here is a video about some of my ideas of what they could add to rogue one if you check it out thanks, and let me know what you want to see in the film! =]


I can’t base much off this Trailer, but from what I’ve seen, I’m not impressed. Another main female, possibly used for infiltration of the First Order.

Nothing peaks my interest with this trailer outside of the AT-AT walkers. I think I’ll wait for this one to come out on movie for me to rent it.


Um, First Order didn’t exist during Rogue One, this is set between Episodes 3 and 4.


Those never happened… At least I try to not remember that they did.


each one has good bits but yeah as a whole not very good, 3 is the best out of the prequels ahah XD


A bit crossed wired there buddy ahah XD, i really don’t see the problem with another female lead the rest of the star wars films all have male leads more badass gals is cool with me =D


yeah i still say empire as my nect star wars film XD , yeah maybe more girls getting into star wars not all just for the guys more the merrier i guess, i do wanna see rey as a badass jedi in ep 8 =P


Rey is awesome, I will give you that.

Also thanks to Disney, Princess Leia is now a Disney princess. lol


yeah a princess who shoots stormtroopers ahah XD


oh they most definitely did :slight_smile:


lies amd slander!


The mods would rather keep this thread open, but subtract the discussion about preferred female versus male lead roles. The OP’s video is more for discussion about Rogue One speculations, not sexism in society today or the push for forcing more female empowerment roles in or not. These types of topics can lead to slippery slopes and misunderstandings…we wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt over that. Lets just keep to the main video and the suggestions/ideas brought forth by the OP.