How They Could Do It: Spiderman/Venom Film


Hello Fellow Spider-Man/Venom Fans Heres My Video How They Could Do A Film With Cast And A Full Story Pretty Much ahah XD !
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How They Could Do It: Spiderman/Venom Film

==Soical Stuff==


It’s simple, don’t cram green goblin 2.0 and sandman into the same movie. :stuck_out_tongue:


Where Is My Time Machine ahah XD, Such A Bad Move And Emo Peter =S So Painful


Yes! A chance I can get to riddle this place with my Marvel knowledge. C:

Ahem. Let the rambling begin…

Venom was awful in Spider-man 3. Especially teamed up with Sandman, that was really quite bad as well. And then there was “New” Goblin, AKA: Harry Osborn, thrown in there as well, which could have been kicked out, because we’ve had a movie with a “Goblin” in it. I don’t know why it could not have been Hobgoblin or Gray Goblin.

Another thing, was the suit design in general, he wasn’t near as masculine as he was in the comics or cartoons, (which is why I can sadly say that the cartoons did much better than the movies). It is the same with Transformers - the "Bay"formers suck, watch the G1, read the comics, learn the lore a little bit. I feel so humiliated when my favorite villians show up onscreen, and then wham - they look ridiculious. Such was the same with Electro in Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro. Because… Electro’s not black. No racism intended.

Also, the story was ridiculous, the third installment focused on on the disgusting relationship between Spider-Man and Mary Jane, leaving out a lot of action-scenes for drama and romance no one really asked for.

Just… stop tweaking designs, focusing on romance, terrible scripts, bad plot, shoving in 3 villains, and you’re good to go! I could go a lot further than this, but I’m going to take a cool on it and relax.


Don’t forget the stupid Butler that apparently had life altering information squirreled away until the plot felt it was important for him to speak up.


Eh I liked the third installment


the one thing Bay nailed is Starscream by making him like he was in the shows; A whiny coward.


I never found enough Decepticon screen-time in the Bay movies to notice Starscream’s foul attitude. I just wish he wasn’t like…

An evil Dorito chip.


oh my god XD.

but the thing is Bay said himself that he wanted all parts of the vehicle to fit in the transformer, so if they cut pieces of the jet off of StarScream, he would look much different, same goes for the other transformers.


I never thought about it like that before, I guess. C: Which makes it a lot more realistic, but also kind of ruins the concept of the mash-down abilities they have. Same for their guns, kind of like Lockdown’s sniper-face in Age of Extinction.

There was never enough Cybertronians in these movies. You could barely call it Transformers. Rename the movie:

Humans: Transformers Wars

Oh yeah, and about the Dorito thing, it really is true. Our evil Dorito also spit everywhere he talked - so. I was kind of disturbed when all of this crap (Energon?) was dribbling down Starscream’s chin. O_o XD


Star scream’s arm falls off a lot, it’s like it’s held together by tape.


Oh yeah - that too. XD

As if instead of metal, they’re more like plastic action figures - oh wait.


have you ever noticed that Optimus gets his own ass beaten off him when he fought Megatron in the 1st movie, but in the 2nd movie, he single-handedly beats the shit out of Megatron, Starscream, and Grindor?


Yeeeeah, I was wondering if anyone else saw that, too.

And specifically, in the movies also, they stated that a Prime could only be killed by a Prime, and Megatronus isn’t a Prime so… way to go against your own statement.

Slow clap.


Well, technically Optimus isn’t one of the OG primes, but rather a new blood.

Also, have you noticed that megatron gets extremely downgraded as the movies go?