How the rating works (most detailed version so far)

@MacMan @LadieAuPair @MajorLeeHyper or anyone else I forgot to tag. This is early after the patch, but I think we all want to know how this ranking works, once and for all.
Below I collected some rating mechanics I noticed in game, read about in the forum or derived from the Glicko-2 rating system. I’m looking forward to your comments :blush:
(might be a bit simplified):

Things we know so far:

  • You get more points when you win against higher ranked opponents and get less (maybe just +1) when you win against lower/not-yet ranked opponents.

  • The same goes for losing. Dependent on the opponents and your own rank, you lose sometimes more, sometimes less points.

  • There is a “rating period” over x amount of games/hours/idk. At the beginning of the rating period you get assigned a score and for the following x games your points are calculated based on that score.
    This explains, why you can be higher ranked than someone else, but continue to get more points than him. Then your base score for the current rating period is still lower than his.

  • There is a “rating deviation”, which is basically the maximum amount of points you can win/lose in a single game. If the system is sure about your ranking, i.e. you already played enough matches and you’re winning/losing according to its prediction most of the time, then that value is low and your score won’t change much (even if you suddenly beat a gold destroyer). If the system is not sure about your ranking, i.e. you are just playing your placement matches or switch from playing with a party to playing with randoms a lot, then that value is high and your score can change a lot.
    This explains how two people with the same rank can win/lose a totally different amount of points.

  • If you are inactive for some time (days, weeks…), your “rating deviation” increases. So if you come back after a long vacation, you will earn/lose a lot of points after each match and your rank will change quickly, therefore reflecting rather your current skill than your past skill.


Things we don’t know yet:

  • The duration of the rating period (# of games, hours, days?)

  • Anything else?

If the rating would be a bit more transparent, I guess there would be less complaints on the forums and bugs would be easier to spot.
I’ll keep this post updated, the more I learn about the rating system.



Do we know if the rank decreases per day when in-active?

I don’t think it does. I was ranked #1 in the silver expert tier as monster for 24 hrs and it never changed. People leapfrogged over me into the next tier, but whatever my xp level was, that was simply the highest silver expert value.

Afaik the rank stays the same. However, if you are in-active for some time, your rating deviation increses. That means, you can earn/lose more points per match.
Let’s say you are a silver destroyer and only earn/lose around 20 points each match. Then you go on vacation for 3 weeks. When you come back, you probably earn/lose around 100 (or w/e) points each match, so that your score rather reflects your current skill than your past skill.

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