How the hell are people leveling so quick? I'm missing something


How the people in the 20’s already? I’ve played several hours and I haven’t unlocked shit yet, even at level 13. Unless peeps are just power leveling via solo mode while im doing multiplayer.


Try evacuation mode big XP boost at the end.


The game came out a week ago?


The game has been out for a week. You can get to level 10 easily within 2 hours with 2 quick Evacs (Assuming you win them all). The game is fairly easy to level outside of the last 4-5 levels or so. Those can take a bit longer.


Evacuation. Spam it. Be happy. Wreck face.

Then cry when you hit 30. Because it takes FOREVER to rank up.


In single or multiplayer?


Both work :sunny:


Either one. It’s the same XP percentage, just depends on how much you win.


Evac is your friend. It gives bonus XP at the end of the game


Guess i’ll go grind solo evac for awhile then, cause I can’t do shit online with no unlocks even at level 13, its taking to long


Dude. You realize that there are people on this forum, right now, who claim 100 hours played already? That’s how.


Custom matches, put nothin your favor and rank up mastery!


No real reason to grind solo. You’ll just pick up bad habits tbh. Matchmaking keeps you relatively close in levels to those around you.


Yeah see, I wish I had no life, but I have to work for a living


Being a low level isn’t doing me good either


But you’ll be playing against other low levels. I’m confused on why this is bad?


When im playing against the Wraith and or with a crappy team, it makes no difference.


If you get paired with people your level, you can learn to outplay them. If you do that, you can end up playing against better players once you hit 40 and wreck them. Even low-level players need to adapt for the future.

Wraith is a pub stomper, period. There’s no avoiding that unless your team is strong in communication. And you need to step up and take the reigns in commanding that crappy team to make them less crappy.


Too bad 90% of steam users don’t use mics and no, I don’t have friends to play with.


What is the point giving you advice if you’re just going to make fucking excuses?