How the heck does one play Hunt anymore?


I’ve been playing evolve for just a few months now (and actually have only recently made an account here) and every time i try to play hunt I NEVER find a game. Ever. It’s been months and I still haven’t been ranked because I havent completed ten matches in hnt because I can never find people. I get so frustrated I give up and just go to quick play. But I want to be good and have a gold ranking. Which can only be done in hunt. Which has no players on ps4 :frowning:


Where abouts in the world are you? What times do you try to play?


I believe that most people are actually playing quickplay these days, it’s a vicious cycle really… Ranked came in and split the playerbase up a bit, people got their ranks, got bored of, say for example, Kraken spam and chase comp, went to unranked because there’s more variety, meaning there’s a lower playerbase playing ranked, so they say screw it, and go quickplay- vicious cycle, once again. :c

Your best bet would be looking for people to play with, unless you’re monster, then you’re just gonna have to wait ;_;


New England, USA. Anytime after 5 PM. My guess was since I bought the game so late everyone is already ranked and it tries to place me with people who aren’t ranked yet :confused:


The way your determining rank works is that you are given your ranks as normal, but it hides it for your first 10 games. The reason for this is that the system doesn’t know enough about you, so after one match it may put you in Gold Expert, but then a loss might put you right back down to Bronze skilled. After the 10 games it’s more stable so they reveal to you your rank.

So what may be happening here is that you have won some of your matches (all of them maybe?) so far, and you’re actually ranked in Gold. If this is the case and it’s trying to match you with/against gold level hunters/monsters then that could be a cause of your delay as… as TW says, people who achieved Gold rank have largely just stopped playing ranked to preserve it.

Peak times on PC (so I guess also for PS4) would be at around the time you’re playing, 6pm would probably be your best chance to find people, especially at the weekend.

I wish I had some definitive answers myself, if you’re genuinely taking a long time and never finding anyone to match against (like 20/30 mins) then there may be something else at play here.


I personally prefer Arena mode over the others, so I almost exclusively do quickplay and miss the days when it had its own que.

Perhaps enough players feel similarly or just like variety, so Hunt is less populated.


My suggestion, if you want to play ranked, is to finish your placement matches. I’m a silver expert monster, and I have to wait a maximum of fifteen minutes on a slow day. Once you actually get placed things go much faster


That’s his problem, he’s trying and he’s not finding matches :slightly_smiling:


I’m just saying that if he wants to play ranked, he needs to be patient and bear with it. To me it seems like he’s just getting frustrated and abandoning the queue. There’s a good amount of people on ranked ps4, just takes a long time to find them at first. @Mcbunnypants I’d set aside an hour or two on the weekend and just have hunt searching while you do other things, and have the volume up so you don’t accidentally miss the games that do come up. In my opinion ranked is the only way to have good games (as the monster anyway) because pubs are just awful. Anyway, I wish you good luck. If you’re looking for a fellow hunter, feel free to shoot me a message or friend request. Terry_Locke


It can take up to 30 minutes on X1 for a hunter match, and that’s after being placed.

Part of it is people not wanting certain roles, or monsters back out that makes it take forever.


It depends I have nights it takes 40 mins and others it takes like 3. It depends what time you play but your are saying after 5? I am the same time zone in PA and I find the most games from 5 onward. I am on the xb1 but I feel ps4 should be around the same for finding games.

Edit: I should say it is easy when you have 4 players to search with. You can maybe find some players on the forums here to play with you!


Playing with a premade team will drastically reduce wait times from what I have seen. I have a good amount of friends I play with on PS4. Send me a friend request and we will play ranked with you gamertag CBRluv