How the heck do you deal with Tracking Darts?


I’m not gonna lie I like playing monster and right now I’m playing Kraken to unlock Wraith lets just say Kraken isn’t my cup of tea right now. And so far the most frustrating thing to deal with to me is unrelenting hunters I managed to give them the slip by hiding in a bush but after that the tracking dart ( I’m pretty sure it was Abe and Cabot. I practically couldn’t evolve to stage 3 the entire match. So is there a way to get rid of the Tracking dart does it have a set distance or is the only thing I can do is keep running?


Just keep swimming (running).

They have 40 or 45 seconds I believe


This you can run out the timer, use your speed and sniff to outlast it.


The darts are a pain if you’re kraken lets just say the kraken’s movements is something very different. Try to leave mines behind if you’re fleeing and not sneaking.


45 seconds at rank 0, 50 seconds at rank 3.


As @evolv points out, just keep running. Resist the urge to stay in flight while going up against an Abe/Val because you’re practically begging to get re~tranq’d/darted; don’t forget about using your pounce key to drop from the heavens! Yet even if you continue to get darted, you can still outrun the hunters and get your meats on (avoiding Abe’s orbs isn’t too bad, just backpedal as the monster). Go for the easy snacks instead of the big meats, unless it’s one with a big buff (deny it from the hunters). Keep in mind that because you’re being tracked, Abe will most likely be trying to cut you off. Always be sniffing and get that sucker to waste his dome so you can have some free reign to eat/evolve.

My general strategy when darted is to go to the other side of the map (when the hunters get close), get my meats on, go to the opposite end of the map once more (after hunters get close again), and then repeat until the option to Evolve pops up. If I’m still being tracked by the time I can Evolve, I wait for Abe to use his dome before proceeding to the other side of the map and evolving. It’s risky, but it’s better than getting domed after a fresh Evolve.

Also: remember that they know where you’re going and they’ll most likely be thinking “oh lawdie, lets keep rushing so we can dome!” Use this to your advantage, lead them to points where you’ll have the upper hand and make them suffer for it. Popular areas are as followed: wide open spaces (difficult to LoS your lightning/abilities), congested areas such as tunnels and caves (clustered hunters = dead hunters), and places where you can aggravate high value targets such as Tyrants, Megamouths and Nomads. Experiment with fighting in different areas and you’ll find the most optimum choices to take down the hunters.

Hope this helps ya mate, and good luck! :kissing:


Don’t eat anything… Unless it’s still alive… But abe can trank those too…
Don’t eat anything…
Happy hunting


Well when u r tracked just keep running and u cannot get rid of the dart


Sneak a lot at the begining of the match. Try to get to stage 2 before they find you. If you get domed be sure to at least incap Abe before you run away.


Run like hell