How the heck can I win against the monster


Hey… i played today about 15 games… and i never won 1 game… the same as yesterday… and they day before and so on… i have no idea what the fuck i am doing wrong… can someone tell me any solution ? we lost against a lvl 1 kraken right at the beginning… we had no chance… this cant be real ! There has to be something i am missing out… maybe you guys can tell me… because never seen a game like this what is so unbalanced in my opinion…


How long have you played? on what platform? Are you playing with friends or with random players? What was your hunter team’s character choices?


hey friend calm down there. if you’re new to the game there’s a lot to learn and it takes patience but especially experience. don’t give up! trust me i’ve been there, i joined on the free weekend. what class do you play?

i personally started watching gameplay and streams to see how other ppl played so i could improve myself. also reading some guides inbetween really helps as well. find out what class suits you best. play offline with some friends against AI for practice! play until you know what monster does what and which class is supposed to do what job, and it’ll be a lot easier from there on.


whats your main class


Relax brother. We’ve all been there. If you’re new to the game, the learning curve is steep. If you’re playing with random teams, find some friends to team up with. Most importantly, play your role as its meant to be played. For instance, if you play as Laz, you’re a medic. You’re not a lone wolf stealth sniper.

Communication and coordination is key as well. Make sure your team doesn’t stack up, keep distance from eachother inside the arena. This way the monster has to work harder to damage everyone. And the medic, as long as they’re not being focused, will have an easier time healing everyone.

That just a little bit, there’s tons more that you should work on as well. As others have suggested, watch some twitch channels and gameplay videos as well.


i play since the release but i stopped playing because there were no players at all… i am playing now for like a week and i know the “key” of success i would say… so… the main know-how… i play every role… like whats left… but i have no idea guys… really… fun factor is 0 because i loose all the time… i just have 1 friend who is playing with me… but how can a lvl 1 kraken kill us all :confused: ? i dont get it >.>

and i play on PC :smiley:


The Kraken is probably the easiest monster to get a stage one win with. It’s banshee mine lightning strike combo is brutal and really hard to dodge. I like to think I’m an above average player but if there is an above average kraken player it basically gg st the moment. Not saying the kraken is unbeatable, but in the right hands in can feel like it sometimes.

Just keep at it, try and get a team, and maybe watch some youtube vids.


If one of your team mates is not able to dodge at all and handling banshee mines, you just die. Easy. And if you played at the start, learn the basics again. We had a couple of changes on both sides


all of the youtube videos are about 1 year old >.> i cant get it >.<


If a lvl 1 kraken beat you that fast I can safely assume a number of things. 1st Your team was too grouped up, allowing the monster to hit multiple people with a single ability is a quick way to find yourself losing. 2nd your medic either died way too fast thus telling me they weren’t very good at dodging or they just weren’t doing their job and wasn’t healing. 3rd your trapper probably wasn’t slowing the monster down. You would be surprised how many trappers don’t realize that they are failing the team completely if the monster isn’t being stopped or at least slowed down


I have one tip to give you: think as a monster when you are the hunter, think as a hunter when you are a monster.
For hunter: spread out, the monster will try to focus support/medic usually. If you have hank in team, just stay away from him, he will shield you and discourage the monster to focus you and so he will try to focus hank but he will lose time to get to him and in the meanwhile you can heal yourself or the medic will do his job. Usually, spreading out is the best thing to do, however it depends by your team comp. But one thing is sure: positioning is everything.
As monster i can only recomend you to focus the right people, make the assault waste his shield, then focus someone else and then refocus on assault if you think that he is a huge problem for you. So for the monster, target focus knowledge is the best weapon you can have to win.


learn ur class, hv a good team, dont waste jetpack to much, do ur job, dont play whit random teams

if ur fight againt a high level Kraken R.I.P

Monsters are pretty strong in pub fights but they are UP against Premades


Conserve your jetpack and all should be good(except for kraken, just have fun if you play against one.)


Against Kraken ? Wait for patch xD


My answer to people who complain about airborne monsters. There is always a way to beat those to the ground.


If youd like, Add me on Steam. My username there is the same as it is here. Hard to miss- my icon is the evolve foot logo :stuck_out_tongue:


There are several twitch streamers, and youtubers with more relevant information.
#Shameless plug: I uploaded all the community tournament matches just yesterday.
@Wednesday13 Creates regular content from a monster perspective.
@GrizzleMarine just creates all sorts of videos, including gameplay.
Somewhat_awesome_games creates gameplay videos with his own commentary
@SuperBadJuJu uploads his matches to both youtube and twitch.

And there are TONNES others who do the same. I just grabbed the first 5 that came to mind.

There are lots of players returning to the game with the same difficulties you’re having @Reutron. You are relying on mechanics, spacing, and damage numbers that are almost a year old. If you played at release, your hunter mobility has severely been nerfed, along with several monsters mobility changes.

You will need to forget what you “know” and relearn the game. This game has changed from what you knew before.
If you’re on PC, when you join a quickplay lobby, ASK QUESTIONS. People are nice, and always looking for more people to add to their friends lists. If you look on the forums via the search option, there are several threads dedicated to helping people on ALL platforms party up and enjoy the game of evolve.

Best of luck in your hunts, i’m sure you’ll start having success soon.