How the f**k do you do that?!?

This is going to be a rant topic. A rant topic about my own monster skills. I’m writing it because I am sick of it. I just got so mad playing monster that I litteraly smashed my headset into my screen (doesn’t seem to be broken though). My problem is the following:
Watching a lot of competetive players mostly on ESL-streams but also other occasions, playing monster myself and watching my monster opponents as hunter, I’ve learned a lot about how you play a monster effectively.
I know when to sneak. I know when to run. I know how to juke. I know when the hunters made a mistake. I know when I can capitalize on that mistake. And most importantly: I know how to capitalize on these mistakes. But you know what? I can’t do it because I never hit the most important abilities.
Leap Smashes get stuck somewhere. Rock Throws smash against something I didn’t throw them against. Charges are easily dogded. Lightning Strikes go off somewhere in the distance. Aftershocks that just wont become Fastershocks ™ and barely let me move. Warp Blasts go off too short or too far. Abductions go too short or don’t grab the target. I don’t even bother to rely on Decoys damage anymore. Fissures are easily dogded. Rock Wall always has wholes or just has the target on the wrong side. Tongue Grabs just wont pull when I need them to. And don’t even mention the Sneak Pounces. The only time they ever hit is when I don’t rely on them hitting; meaning when I somehow managed to have 1 hunter alive and a lot of health. But every other time, espacially when its 1 hunter and I have low health I miss and lose the game. Every. God. Damn. Fucking. Time.
And you know whats the worst about it? I see all these abilities hit all the time from other monsters. Hell even when I legitimalty dogded them as hunter I get a face full of damage or sneak pounced. How is this possible?

Now that I finally calmed down a little, I’ll get to the point: How can I land those abilities more often even though I aim them correctly already? Most importantly: Why don’t I get a sneak pounce when the red circle shows and no one is shooting me but I can be 25 m away and in the air and shooting but still get sneak pounced?

Btw I am really glad that I won’t be forced to play monster anymore when 2 other people (not premades) want to and no one in the lobby wants my preference after the next patch.


Bad Internet connection? I really don’t know.

I would say you have a high ping, meaning bad internet connection. That is what I assume.

In order to use charge to its full potential the 1 thing i do is be so close to a hunter that its impossible to dodge… so basically get in their face also yeah it might be lagg unless you can still see the hunters moving and not teleporting

You need to understand the hitboxes, and the trajectory of your attacks until it becomes natural. Once you have played enough you will know exactly what will hit and what wont.

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High ping

I am having the same situation … it frustrate me a little

it’s ok not to cause dmg once or twise but not the whole game

other reason … it could be your skill or just the things with the maps

those things you encounter is just rare … unless you have really high ping

yeah abduction is bad right now. The hitbox is either above no where near the hunter. Its still nice to actually abducte a hunter into tyrants though

If it’s not connection related, I’d say you’ll learn to land all abilities more succesfully in time. Everything comes naturally over time.

A useful way to speed things up is to try Solo - > Custom -> Arena -> Monster starting armor 0%. Try killing the bots using only your abilities. Should be just about possible.

Don’t worry about not being able to replicate the crazy shit occasionally seen in tournament play. I watch Twitch streams all the time and I’ve gotta admit it will always look easier on a video than it actually is. Always.
Not a single Twitch match goes by where I think I could’ve done a much better job but when I play the exact same match in Evolve myself there suddenly turn out to be a lot more factors involved than expected.

If it’s connection related, nothing you can do except try and account for it. I try, with limited success. No real work around there.

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