How talkative are you?


As a primarily monster player, I’ve been switching up and playing as the Hunters an awful lot. It really does feel like a completely different game.

When I’m on the Pubs, I always have my headset on. Always. If my headset is not working, I will turn my Xbox off and on or clean it until it does. I’ve spent enough time on this game to know that teamwork is everything. Unorganized pricks running around with guns are easy pickings for the monster, and even the wildlife.

So I’ve found it very frustrating to play with un-talkative hunters. Even if no one will talk with me, I still communicate, and find myself as sort of a squad leader. Perhaps I’m bossy by nature, but I can’t help it. :blush:

So how much do you talk while playing?

And how do you feel about non-communicative players?


I talk too much, ask @MidnightRoses. ^.-


I never talk and I don’t use a headset. To be honest I can communicate perfectly with text chat and pinging.


Depends on how I feel at the time. I keep my mic on, but don’t always say something.


Im silent, never been much of a talker, thats why I’m only good at monster ^-^


Well… I don’t think you guys would like playing with me.

I got so frustrated with a medic earlier I was telling how I hoped the monster ate him. Too harsh I imagine, but I hate losing due to poor teamwork.


I am dead silent. Even when part of a team, I’m quiet 95% of the time. Problem is, in a full chat everyone is always talking so I’m just sitting there waiting for that pause… but it never comes until it’s too late and my information, suggestion, or input is no longer relevant.


Pretty talkative. Mostly direction of monster or strategy during a fight. run here do that or this.
Having player without mics can be crippling especially if they suck.


You have to be pushier!! Lol. Make them listen to you!!


I don’t like talking. My experience with people who use voice communication all the time has been awful. People are pretty crappy in general.

In fact, I’d like that there’s an option to default to having voice communication off.

I’m a monster player and I think I wouldn’t play hunters if matchmaking wouldn’t force me to, btw.


The game is designed so that you don’t need to talk, you’re right. People love to, and it probably helps, but I find it annoying and invasive in practice (not to mention that it’s an outlet to harassment and awful behaviour)


I’m usually the guy delegating jobs and strategy. But I also appreciate input from others, especially if I know they are better than myself.

Talking in all coop games is key, I don’t understand why you would play a coop game that takes an immense amount of teamwork and strategy without talking. I absolutely can’t stand people that don’t use their mics in a game like this.


You need to learn the art of Interupting then it’s also know as saying STFU mofos & let me talk or just do what I do talk over them lol & eh it depends on if I’m playing with friends or not from quiet to loudest person there it varies.


I have anxiety about talking to people so i only play hunters in solo mode xD


I almost always have a mic on. Only time I don’t is if I am the monster and I sometimes will still use it.

I don’t always talk a lot but I make sure it is game relevant usually.


THANK YOU!! I feel the exact same way.


Amen. Be pushy damn it!


Precisely Get loud!


I’ll talk if other people I am playing with are taking, and they sound competent and over the age of 13.

If these conditions are met I tend to be very talkative. I really like the sound of my own voice.


Cmon its not my fault i have the voice of a 12 year old ;-;