How successful are you at finding and cutting off the monster?


So, I’ve been seeing mixed results from people online with most of them just chasing the monster or running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Just curious as to how you guys are doing at cutting off the monster. I’ve been pretty good at being first to lay eyes on the monster and get in some good early shots. I’ve even had a couple of moments where I’d split from my team and have them herd the monster to me which is devastating if you are playing as either Maggie, Bucket, Markov, or Hank with those deployables and orbital


I find it extremely hard to catch a good Goliath. He’s just too fast, even if we CC him with Val and Griffin. To the point of frustration to be honest, theres no fun in it.


The one time I’ve managed to cut him off was on Fusion plant when he was up in the swamp, I managed to go around to the little canyon and get some mines placed before he got there, but I placed them on the path and he stayed on the upper level which was frustrating because he had very little armor


I find it adequately difficult to find the monster. Once I get a sight of it though, I just think “where would I go?” and end up cutting him off, and stalling him for my team. Goliath is so fast though - he has wonderful disengage if the trapper is behind, then finding him is all for not.


The Only way, is to have a good, intelligent trapper that will head him off. I always try to play Val, and constantly chase and tranq the Goliath, then tell the trapper where they need to run to to put the dome down Ahead of him. With out that good trapper all I’m doing is making him about even with us in terms of speed.
Sadly every random person I’ve come across, almost never has a mic, and will always just follow foot prints instead of going where they’re leading to :confused:


try to use hanks cloak to sneak on him and catch him


Honestly, this is why I love Hank. I love the utility of being able to do damage when I get eyes on him, and exactly why I hate using the trapper. I think I would love Griffin because of his Harpoon, but I can’t stand Maggie because those mines are completely useless in a chase. And I frequently find myself alone with the monster because my team is 150 meters away so the dome isn’t always a great idea. That just pisses goliath off and then your screwed. At least with the harpoon gun, the Goliath still thinks it can get away.


Honestly, as hard as it is to catch a fleeing Goliath, I’m much more worried about the extremely sneak heavy playstyle. This is how I play Goliath. Out of the 20-30 games I’ve played I’ve only once had even an encounter with the hunters before Lv3 (other than the few I intended, and new I could instantly escape from). The one game I was ever caught in the dome before lv3 was with @SlinkyGuy and a friend of mine. My friend was Griffin, and had covered the map with sound spikes, and slinky kept Constantly hitting me with Buckets UAV tracking darts. Even with all that they only got me one time and I could quickly escape. Sneaking does almost seem a bit OP to me.


It really depends honestly. A good monster can avoid us all game and not even just sneak through no problem. Ive had a lot of problems with Goliath though even though tranq it seemed like charge just ignores it same with his jump making it very hard to catch up with him.


The only time so far that I’ve seen a monster being easy to find/cut off is with a good Val tranq darting. If Val can consistently get 2-3 darts into the Monster, they are screwed. Otherwise, good luck catching a stealth-heavy Goliath or Kraken. I have yet to have a match as the Goliath or Kraken where I HAD to have a fight at any stage other than 3 considering how easy it is to avoid the Hunters. I can’t speak for playing AGAINST Kraken’s, as not many people have him unlocked yet, but in my experience so far, because of the ability to fly, the Kraken is even harder to catch/find than the Goliath.


The three times I’ve seen a monster go down the players were not that great utilizing his abilities. Even then it was a struggle to keep up.

I typically play Maggie (all I have right now) and I can keep up if I am careful with the jet pack depending on the monsters path. Her harpoons are so easily destroyed that it can be hard to keep the monster pinned once in a fight.

Usually the monsters are so fast even with some good tranq usage it was impossible to keep up. Played one where we were constantly on the tail of the monster but he was always a few turns ahead and after an 8 minute chase with a few pot shots he just turned around and slaughtered us.

Its rare that we are ever close enough to really head him off. A few times I’ve seen him turn a direction and taken the same move at my location to maintain visibility but it was not really much use.

If the rest of the team is not keeping up as well… good luck.


Hopefully as people become more experienced, their tracking will get a bit better.


I haven’t had a single team catch me yet when I was avoiding them. Goliath is just monstrously mobile. With CDs up he can make 5 escape moves in a row to traverse most of the map VERY quickly.


If you’re a trapper, either close off exits for the monster, then catch when he runs past, or head straight for movespeed buff. Movespeed buff is great with chasing a space spamming goli.


I played against one Maggie who put traps ALL OVER THE MAP, and it really killed some of my escapes once I was found. They were literally everywhere. It was extremely annoying. I still won though :smiley:


I’m good enough if i’m val, with the tranq, but if my tapper does not have a brain, the match would be pretty much lost anyway.


This is how it often goes. A Val that’s good with the traq gun is awesome, but without a good trapper it’s all for naught.


Evolv that is so true. When I see a lvl 01 trapper it is time for tears.


I think there are situation like with other teamplay games. Some people just dont read the tips or dont watch the video and trying to play. So for my opinion the monsters are balanced. Coz when i play as human we have like 80% winrate(50% of my games i play with friend). btw the game is awesome^^


Yup,so true) Thats why i like to choose him/her